Scene in Razgrad ( Bulgary)-in english

Hello! We’re the Straight From The Inside DIY collective from Bulgaria (you can contact us at: and We’re going to inform you about the „scene” in the small Bulgarian town called Razgrad.

So… Razgrad is a small town in Northern part of Bulgaria. It’s situated very close to Rousse (where’s the bridge over Danube conncting Bulgaria and Romania). In the last few months Razgrad seems to be an important place for the growing DIY and that so called activist scene in Bulgaria. The things there started a year ago, in Summer 2006 when some hardcore kids there have organized a really really free marker in the town’s park, also they have started doing some activist movie screenings and a free zine called Katarzis (mainly with CrimethInc. translations in Bulgarian). Some more creative youths started Street Art Revoluntionaries doing political graffiti, adbuster and stencil activism around the town. In May Day 2007 they organized an anarchist campaign called „MayDay – a day for struggle” with diversity of methods the activists tried to show to a larger public the true meaning of May Day as a day for struggle against the capitalist state and all kinds of oppression and exploitation. After their successful actions they’ve tried to find a free community space, an infopoint for their gatherings and communication. And finally in July 2007 they opened the Ecotopia Infocenter, something like a legal squat in a school building. The infopoint has a reading room, zine library, ecologist and anarchist book library, a screening room and provides a place for diy hc/punk gigs and supports the vegan lifestyle and animal rights. First events in the Ecotopia were radical movie screenings and a concert of the local social hip-hop acts Rimi Ot Ra. But soon after the opening of the center some international events took place there. As the anarcha-feminist lecture led by a girl from the German collective Erynien and the No Border Hardcore/Punk Show at the end of August. The No Border show on August 28 started with the screening of Beyond The Screams: a US latino/chicano hardcore punk documentary, a DIY documentary about the latino immigrants hardcore scene in USA and a screening of the Bulgarian
DVD „No Borders No Nations” about the No Border Camp in Bulgaria/Greece in 2005. After the movie projections it was a time for a raw hardcore punk presented by Ballet In Stiefeln from Germany and Pavilionul 32 from Romania. The show went very well and everyone was satisfied, greetings to the Pavilionul 32. Also as a youth counterculture project runned by a couple of sXe kids it’s absolutely forbidden to drink or smoke in Ecotopia house, hope that will help to protect the project from some kind of problems. On September 22 there was the third Free Fest really really free marker in Razgrad’s park. This time the free fest was supported by some activists from Romania ( and activists from Germany, Austria and even Japan. The joint actions between the activists from Razgrad and Romania will continue in the future.

For info and contacts with the activists from Razgrad you can email them at (Ecotopia), (Katarzis collective).
message board:
Also the Ecotopia infopoint has a very small library and needs some help with materials, books, zines and music. You can write them at the email above.

thanks to SFTI ZINE collective.


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