Cobe-The Play

Fuck you…..and it started. with influences from Bad Religion, Rise Against or Anti Flag, Cobe enjoys us with the first ep: The Play. Coming from underground, this ep is made DIY and it has 6 songs(three plays in Romanian and three in English)
Dashing and speedy (quick) and having some “fist in the air” lyrics, the ep is surely one where true punk-rock isn’t missing, and that is the way is supposed to be.
The boys are not profiteers(hihi like you know who…) and they don’t make animal test, like they often say, they don’t regret being born in Romania and they’re really optimistic if there were a unity.
This album it’s a good quality one, considering the recording. Doubtlessly this band is one which deserves much more attention and shows. For any other details or to buy this album you can visit Come out and…PLAY



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