One Step Records presents:

From Italy to Kingston and back…to roots.
Directly from Jamaica, actually Toscana(hihi). One Step Records bring the first album belonging to the band most probably to have a bright future, a reggae/ska band from Italy, Quartiere Coffee. 12 tracks produced „made in Jamaica style”, love and revolt on reggae/ska, dub sounds. The album brings featurings with Sister E (Michelangelo Buonarroti), Peter Spence, Rootsman, Jaka or R-Lab. A great mix of reggae, new school along with dub or dance hall. Saxophone, guitar, percution, lots of sun and miss sensimillia on a dancefloor skanking…LUXURY!.
if you like Radici Nel Cemento,this band it’s for you.Dread Revolution!More about them:

Combat Ska revolt made in Romagna. One Stept Records bring Redska’s new album in sounds of.. trumpets. Combat Ska, hardcore in some sounds, rocksteady, blues along with a little punk make out of Redska one of the most appreciated bands in Italy. 12 songs about workers’ lives, the struggle for equal rights and freedom against the capital punishment or an irony agains the Church or politics everywhere. A great album equally for skinheads, rudeboys or mods along with all those who enjoy this genre. The album brings many collaborations with bands such as: Banda Bassotti(„Tu che sarai”,”Il Castello”,Non cambiare mai”) Los Fastidios(„Rabbia e liberta”), Matrioska(„Ogni mio sbaglio”), The Good Fellas(Romagna e sangioviste”), Macola(„Le mie prigioni”).High skatitude!More find out:


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