Ska LP Records presents:

La Muchedumbre come from Bulgary and have recently released through Skalp Records their first album: Dog To Die. The album has 14 albums (out of which 2 are instrumental) and a cocktail of languages: english, bulgarian and spanish.
La Muchedumbre come to complete the work of our neighbours from Southern Danube (if it was in need) much more better represented than in Romania. These 7 guys bring a mix of punkrock with ska and a little reggae/dancehall (with Chefo’s great voice) which is perfect. For fans of:Bibi Ribozzo and The Banditos or Plastic Bo. The band played as opening act for: The Toasters, Skapoint of the already classics of Bulgaria: Wickeda. The album is being promoted also by HC Spirit and can be ordered from their site: More details about the band you can find on their myspace site:
So…go ahead and skank,this band will remain in your head like a stain.



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