Blue Collar Criminals

Blue Colar Criminals-Kindred Spirits & Unheard Cried-H8Piece Records-2008

Oi, hardcore and rock’n’roll from Tucson, Arizona. One of the best albums of this genre, for sure. 10 classical Oi, hardcore tracks which speak of street violence, gangs and unity, optimism and why not, a little nostalgia, lyrics that come out of experience both positive and negative. The album features also two classical covers of The Dire Straits’ Walk Of Life and after Last Resort’s Violence In Our Minds. At the first listening, the band brings up with hc/Oi classics of Europe: Discipline and not only. An album created with pride, hate, force and friendship

also don’t miss this september: BEHIND THE SCENE ZINE(photo,art,music and more)with a special interview with Blue Collar Criminals and more


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