Interview with Towerblocks-nov. 2008


1. Hello Stephan, how’s it going?
Monday evening…no football match on tv, no beer in the refrigerator, so could be better!;-p But we actually came back yesterday from gigs in Erlangen/Plauen (South- & East-Germany) where we had a lot of beer, pogo and chicks, so it even could be worse!

2. For those who don’t know, tell me something about the band.
The TowerBlocks from Berlin/Germany started playing back in 2000, influenced by bands like Business, 4 Skins, Cocksparrer, The Who, Cockney Rejects,Oxymoron in a district full of skyscrapers in the East suburbs – that’s where the band name comes from…We released 3 longplayers and we’re going to release our 4th in march 2009! We played about 500 live shows up to now!

3. I know you released Having A Laugh and Having A Say. Tell me something about it.
Well, it’s the first CD, we released at Sunny Bastards in the beginning of 2007. Now with 2 guitars we’re more than satisfied with the sound! It’s still rough Oi!-Punk sound,influenced by the bands of the late 70ies/80ies but the new songs try to reach a more modern direction! It seems to be the right way cause the feedback from the fans & media is a very positive one!

4. You’re going on tour, performing along with Eastside Boys. Will you reach Romania?
We did a few gigs with the Eastside Boys, right, but I’m sorry to say, that right now there are now plans existing for a tour over Romania! Hope it will work one day cause we love touring other countries to make new experiences! The last years we played in Poland, Ireland, Switzerland, Netherlands, England, Austria and we’re looking forward to more gigs in foreign countries like in January when we play in Croatia, Slowenia & Hungary!

5. Talking about Romania, do you know any band from here or have you got the slightest idea of what’s going on in here?
No…so I think it’s time for us touring with a Romanian band – maybe YOU have any idea which Romanian band would make a nice package togethet with TowerBlocks!

6. I’ve noticed you’ve got some songs in which you sing about football. What’s your favorite football team?
All band members are fans of different teams – they are: Hansa Rostock, Union Berlin, Dynamo Berlin, TeBe Berlin, Schalke 04.

7. Is No English men at the bars a subtle irony to England-Germany 5-1?
No, no, no….it’s a subtile irony to the fact that England didn’t qualify for the European Championship 2008 because of losing at Wembley against Croatia! And – sorry- I never heard of a football match with the result 1:5…;-)

8. Who’s that ugly girl named Betty? An unshared love?
It’s about a nasty Berlin punkrock girl that never liked the TowerBlocks because she’s so fucking politically correct! She tried to cancel gigs from us and did flyers telling the Berlin punkrockers/skinheads not to support us – bitch!

9. You say that Berlin is Europe’s punk-rock capital. Tell me something about Berlin as far as the punk scene is concerned.
There are a lot of smaller punk clubs in Berlin where a lively scene is at home, all ages (from 16-55…).Most in the inner city (SO 36, Wild @Heart, Kato, Lido) but also in the suburbs. On weekends sometimes you can choose between 5 or 6 punk gigs.There’s also a big crowd every year at the Punk & Disorderly festival. So I think there are good chances for a still growing scene!

10. You’ve released a video for No English men at the bars. Is something new to come up next?
Yes, we’re going to hit the studio in the beginning of december for producing our 4th longplayer. The title will be „Still chewing on the concrete”. We also did a cover song of „Again & Again” from Cocksparrer which will be released at the end of the year on a Italian sampler – Check it out at our website!

11. Tell me a few words about the bands who influenced you. I’ve noticed you are fans of The Business and Oxymoron.
Our singer Holgi is now 40 years old so he saw a lot of the bands live on stage which influenced us. And we try to keep their spirit alive!For us Oxymoron is the most important band in Germany for getting inspiration for our new songs.With their singer Sucker we work together from time to time. For example he did the artwork for our „Having a laugh…”-CD and was the cutter of our video „No English Men At The Bars!”

12. Should we be expecting anything new from you soon?
Expect a lot of live shows in 2009 and our new CD/LP will be released in the beginning of march 2009! Watch out!!

13. Thanks for the interview Stephan. If you’ve got something to add please do it now.The last word’s is on you. Thanks

Thanx to you for your questions, for introducing us in Romania! Hope we’ll tour Romania sooner or later! Keep the spirit alive & listen to the TowerBlocks!

Stephan & Holgi

interview by: Mircea-MPTY Zine nov. 2008

all our interviews will be posted only on this blog!


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