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MPTY: Hey Angie! How are you? How did you spent your New Year’s Eve?

Angie: Hi Mircea!  We spent New Year’s Eve with my in-laws’s; my mother-in-law and I spent several days making canapés and all kinds of food and, as with the rest of the holidays, we spent our time with the family.

MPTY: Make me a short presentation of the band.

Angie: Calamitiez is a psychobilly band from Barcelona, the current formation is:  David who sings and plays bass, Nadia on the drums Julio on lead guitar and Angie (myself) on rhythm guitar.  Previous to this Julio played guitar in a Barcelona band called Calamities in the early nineties; this band played mainly covers of rockabilly and some psychobilly songs.  Although that band dissappeared into history without leaving any recordings I like to think of it as „a sign of what was to come”.

Julio and David knew had known each-other for years, Julio played in a punk-rock band and David played in a Neo-Rockabilly band. In or around 2004 it coincided that both of their bands split-up so they decided to create a new monster. David was looking for a more agressive sound whereas Julio wanted get back to his rockabilly routes and together with another friend on the drums CALAMITIEZ was formed. There was a formation change in 2005 when Nadia took-over on drums and I joined on rhythm guitar, it was at this point that Calamitiez started to really take shape (whilst drinking disgusting amounts of beer).

Calamitiez is built on the foundation that we all play music because this is what we love to do and we put our personalities into everything we do, for better or for worse!!

MPTY: How’s the underground scene in Barcelona?

Angie: The underground scene in Barcelona is surprisingly small!!  Anyone would think that such a cosmopolitan city as Barcelona would have a huge underground scene, but they would be wrong.  Wherever you go you always meet-up with the same freaks, there’s only a few of us!!  It’s also weird because here we have one of the most important festivals „the Psychobilly Meeting” (previously held in Calella, but now held in Pineda).  For one week of the year a little town on the coast is invaded by people with strange clothes and funny haircuts… and the people in the area are completely used to this, but when the festival finishes there are very few psychos left.  Obviously the goth scene and rock music scenes are bigger, psychobilly is probably the most obscure genre… but even so the percentage of people in the underground is way too low!!



MPTY: I know you have a contract with Crazy Love. How’s it going?

Angie: We are very happy with our relationship with Crazy Love, we’ve had great support from our label and hope our relationship will continue well into the future.  As I said before, psychobilly music is not very popular in Spain, so it’s great to have the backing of a label with international distribution.

MPTY: Should we expect some new material from you in 2009?

Angie: 2009 will be an interesting year.  We have dissappeared into our bat-cave to work on a new album which should be ready in fall 2009.  We will not be playing any concerts until the album launch, we hope to return with a vengence at the end of 2009 and begining of 2010.

We’re not a touring band and never will be, we play sporadic shows… basically we play concerts for enjoyment and have been fortunate to make a lot of friends this way.

To keep our fans happy and help them through this „long sad year without us” (ha, ha!!) we will be releasing a limited edition record on vinyl, we expect the release to be before spring.

MPTY: How did you feel playing in same shows with Mad Sin or Silver Shine? Did you had a good time?

Angie: We always have a good time!! Mad Sin are great guys, every show with them is a pleasure.  The Silver Shine are really, really great guys, we shared stage with them In Barcelona and Budapest and hopefully will coincide again in the future.  For us it’s really important to remember that, even though a lot of work goes into every concert we do it for fun, when you’re up on stage it’s worth all the work.  I have fond memories of playing wit guys like Generation Mongoloid, Zombie Ghost Train, The Creepshow… We’ve been quite lucky, except for one or two really problematic shows most of our experiences have been good.

MPTY: You have a cover after Pet Semetary from Ramones.Are you Ramones fans?

Angie: We all like Ramones, they’re an important part of mucic history! None of us are die-hard fans, but we all like them.

MPTY: Since we’re talking about music,please make me a top 5 of your favourite bands.

Angie: This question is TOO difficult!!  We all have different tastes in music!  David would probably answer that his favorite band is Meteors.  He only listens to bands that play with a double-bass; he will listen to any band with a double bass no matter how weird or awful, but if there’s no double bass he’s not interested.  Julio listens to just about everything, he’d answer that his favourite band is The Cramps but he’s into rockabilly, Detroit punk-rock, psychobilly and lots of other music, from Iron Maiden to Calexico.  Nadia listens to rockabilly, psychobilly and lots of national punk; she’d probably name bands like Go-Getters, Nekromantix, New Bomb Turks and Nine-Inch-Nails. I’m into Metal, Detroit punk-rock, some stuff from the Seattle grunge movement, celtic and gothic music… but rock in general. Band’s I listen to a lot are Metallica, Tool, Opeth, Turbonegro, AFI… We all listen to lots of different music.

MPTY: .And now tell me if you know something special about Romania 😀

Angie: We were in Romania a couple of years ago on holiday… yes, you guessed it! Pilgrimage to Bran Castle!!  I thought there would be more goths and freaks there, I was a bit dissappointed that all the tourists there were pretty normal (except us!!). One thing I discovered is that a high percentage of Romanians speak Spanish… I even met a waiter who had worked in Spain in a restaurant belonging to one of my friends… that was a real coincidence!!

MPTY: Tell me a funny event from one of your concerts.

Angie: Our concerts are generally quite funny, I mean we all dress-up and are funny-looking anyway, so that helps!!  I remember a show in Italy where we decided to dress-up like the characters in The Exorcist; David and Julio dressed as the two priests, I dressed as Regan’s mother and Nadia dressed as Regan.  I had made a contraption which Nadia had strapped to her leg so that when she got on stage she could pretend to urinate in front of everyone (like Regan does in the movie) , unfortunately the contraption leaked and it took us so long to get from the backstage to the stage that by the time Nadia had got to the stage she had lost all the water.  The situation was funny for us, after all the hours invested into making the invention our plan was foiled by the distance from the backstage area to the stage!!

MPTY: Thank you a lot for the interview, and feel free to add anything alse.

Angie: Thank you for the interview, we look forward to playing in Romania in the near future!!

Thanks to Casian ( 13deadpsychos ) and Angie from Calamitez!

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