Combat 77-100% oi

MPTY Zine recomanda:

Combat77- 100% oi-Sunny Records 2008

They formed in Germany in 2007. Come from different bands like: Riot Company, Annex5, No Time Left or Vendetta. Their sound is a combination between british oi and punk from ’90, with a female vocalist ( Kristen ). Bands that influenced them are, obviously: Cock Sparrer, Cockney Rejects or The Business. 100% Oi is their debut album lanuched by Sunny Records in april 2008, and it has 14 tracks. Remind me of On File and Blitz ( When We Were Young, Weekend Warriors ), a parody of MTV icons is present in tracks like: Rock This Town or Combat 77. A hymn that the band dedicates to all punks and skins is of course Walking On. Combat 77 are like a mouth of fresh air in undeground scene, they remind more of pioneers of the oi from ’80’s, rythm and melody, they make you to raise not your fist, but your glass of beer, lyrics talken about „capitalist heaven”, the day-to-day life, the pubs, unity and respect. A great debut album from Combat 77.
For fans of: Cock Sparrer, On File, Blitz, Cockney Rejects, Business, Oxymoron and more!


an interview with Combat 77 read soon!

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