Combat 77 – interview


Hi Bjorn.I’m Mircea from MPTY ZINE. How are you?

Fine. We have sunny weather, and I hope we can do barbecues outside soon again.

For those who don’t know who you are, please tell me about how your band formed.

We formed in 2007 in Lower Saxony / Germany. The band includes members from “Riot Company”, “Annex5”, “No Time Left” and “Vendetta” from Hanover and Hildesheim. We play Oi! punk with female vocals. The line up includes Kirsten – vocals, Dole – guitar, Noppi – guitar, Hannes – bass and me on drums. In 2008 we released our first album called “100% Oi!” on LP and CD.

You are right now preparing for China. How did you get a tour there?

A few months ago we got in contact with Kids Union Label and Booking from China. They agreed to license our CD in mid 2009, so we asked for the possibility to tour over there in February 2009. Kids Union booked us dates for two weeks, ranging from Beijing to Honkong. Also they printed tour shirts for us. looking forward to play over there.

You launched your debut album at Sunny Bastards Records. I saw a lot of critical acclaims. Are you satisfied with what came out?

Yes, we practiced the songs a lot before we went recording into the studio in Hamburg. Everything turned out as we wished, and the people from Sunny Bastards are very friendly and helpful. The album includes 14 songs and we are very satisfied of how they turned out. Also the critics were very positive.

I know you will be playing at a fest, along with Evil Conduct and other bands, in April. Can you tell me more about it?

The fest is called “Total Oi!” and will take place in Torgau / Germany from 29.-30.05.2009. The line-up also includes bands like Volxsturm, Schusterjungs, Gumbles, Unantastbar, Bovver Boys, Guts n Glory, Dominator, Ghostbastardz and Ruckers. The venue is great, and I think a lot of punks and skins will come there. More info can be found at www. total-oi. com.

Please, a top 5 of your favorite bands.

Adicts, Cock Sparrer, Perkele, Cockney Rejects, Social Distortion.

What’s the destiny you see for the band for the next 5 years?

Playing good gigs and having a lot of fun there, writing songs for a new album, and of course that we personally get along with each other as well as it is now.

Regarding Walking On, do you want it to be like a hymn of the band?

No, it..s just one song of the album for us, but we knew from the beginning that people will like it instantly, so we put it on number 1 of our myspace song list.

Talk to me about the scene from Germany; I know there are a lot of bands…

Yeah, tons of bands. Older punks from Romania might remember acts like Slime or Canalterror from the early 80s. In the 90s Oxymoron had big success in foreign countries, nowadays there are great Oi! and punk bands around like “Guts..n..Glory”, “Lion Shield”, “SS Kaliert”, “Towerblocks”, “Stomper 98”, “Mad Sin”, “Volxsturm” etc.

Do you know anything in particular about Romania?

Of course Dracula, haha. I also read some articles about the Romanian scene and how it has developed in recent years. It..s good that people also get the opportunity to have places where they can see punk bands live. Hope that the whole scene doesn..t fall into pieces because of stupid p.c. clashes in-between.

A last word about MPTY

Looks like a great zine with lots of decent research and much effort put into it. Keep on doing the good work!

Thanks for interview. Feel free to add something

Visit our myspace site at www. myspace. com/combat77oi and have a listen to our songs. Hope we..ll be able to play in Romania, too, one day. Cheers + Prost, Skins and Punks united, Oi!

Mircea vs. Bjorn january 2009

thanks to Combat 77 and Alexandra


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