Stand Out Riot

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Stand Out Riot – Carnival Militia – No way Out Records 2008

They’re from Manchester and they’re 7. A combination of ska-punk, hardcore and… music. Trumpet, bass, drums, violin, sax, quitar and beautiful voices.
The band’s horizon doesn’t stop here though. They also have balkan and gipsy music influences, which of course reminds of Gogol Bordello or Kultur Shock.
An new and original element is without a doubt the Klezmer influence (met mostly in East Europe and North-West of Asia).
Carnival Militia contains 8 skacore tracks that sound like Mighty Mighty Bosstones vs. Gogol Bordello or pick any other band like that. The lyrics have mostly politic and social connotations, but of course the fun isn’t missing. A new band in the 3rd wave ska scenery, which will no doubt make a very good impression. I could draw a parallel between them and bands like Aquabats, Catch 22 or Mustard Plug and the list could go on. From music to lyrics it will win your hearts with over 30 minutes of Streetlight Manifesto, Mighty Mighty Bosstoness and Gogol Bordello.


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