The Crooners-Legion Of The Dumped

MPTY Support:

Ska and Rock ‘n’ Roll from Germany. A recently discovered band witch clearly surprises a “fine” ear in a positive way. A band that perfectly molds on the Skaos or the The Toasters style, the perfect combination between ska and rock’n’roll with funny lyrics and a whole lot of skanking. Crooners are not only a third wave ska band with Madness T-shirts. Thirteen songs for total skanking  with lyrics that make you smile.

Their music comes from the hearth and makes you jump when you hear the trompet.I hope I will not offend anyone if I’ll call them “Toasters from Europe”, but with their own originality.For the fans of such bands as  Bim Skala Bim, The Uptones, Mighty Mighty Bosstoness, Skankin Pickle or Scofflaws.

Skank till you drop made in Germany!



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