The Pokes-Poking The Fire

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They are 7, 6 boys and one girl. Punk/ folk from Germany to be sincere I’ve never listened to a band like this from Germany, but the guys sounds excellent. Accordion, guitar, bass, banjo and drums accompanied by an “Irish” voice that makes The Pokes one of the best bands of the genre in Germany.”Poking the fire” is the second album of the band and it contains 13 songs that will surley remind you of The Pogues, Dubliniers vs. DKM or Flogging Molly.

The band’s lyrics are full of amusement, irony, even acid, as an attack o f the band on kitsch, ignorance, mass-media and stupidity. Folkpunk form the hearth, choruses that make you sing-along with them are the positive elements of this album. The band also has a video for “The Day That Passed Away”, a video witch you can download freely from the band’s official website .A must have for all, not only the genre lovers.



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