Interview The Crooners

Hi Max, I m Mircea from MPTY Zine. What s up?

I’m quite fine; thanks, sitting  at my desk right here in cold and rainy Hamburg, doing the second Interview today… Out of three Interviews I’ve done in my entire life;-) I guess recording this album was worthwhile already…


(C)the crooners my space

Soooooo we are The Crooners, living quite happily here in Hamburg/Germany and we play Ska mixed up with  lots of Rock and Roll, Punkrock, Folk and Reggae- everything that comes to our minds… Because we -more or less-do only play or listen to Ska when we’re together; most members of the Band come from totally different musical
backgrounds… Jazz, Funk, Soul, stuff like that… It’s just that we found out that we can more or less do whatever we want if we base on Ska. And what I for example want to do is Rock and Roll.
Whatever; Frank Zipper ( Bass ) and I started The Crooners about five years ago and at some point stopped counting how many members the band had since that… The current Line Up is ( …and will stay for a while I hope ):

Max Bedroom – Git / Voc
Frank Zipper – Bass
Bonbon Scott – Drums
Dennis Whopper – Organ
Blowjoe – Trombone
Miss Bliss – Alto Saxophone
Francesco Crescendo – Tenor Saxophone

You ve launched  Legion Of The Dumped . Are you satisfied of the result?

Definitely; but I don’t want to say with that that we would think it is the perfect album… The point is that we started recording an Album already three years ago that has never been finished… The deal was that some guy here who owns a huge and veeeeery expensive studio asked us to produce a record for free and then share the money afterwards- in case there will be any, of course.
You can very well imagine what we said: Record-production for free, thank you, YES.
…then we sadly found out piece by piece that we would never get to mix any of the stuff we’ve recorded after two (!!!) years because that „producer” ( who wasn’t producing anything most of the time ) would never have the time to hang out in the studio with us and decided to call it a day… Most of the band quit before that happened anyway; so me, Zipper and Scott found a new Keyboarder and Brass Section, went to a real Studio with a real producer and started recording an album again…
So; it’s less the quality of the album I am happy about; it’s more the fact that we’ve finished it at all… But I am not going to believe that until I see it in any record store; and, by the way, our former „producer” still thinks we’re ungrateful and wonders why we
did not wait for him…

Marry Me is a proposal for one of your girlfriends? :))

Well; not yet… It’s more the idea of the man I want to become before I even think of getting married…

Max Bedroom

Max Bedroom

I was listening to Queen Of The Office and I was thinking of my old boss and realized that she was ugly how would you think a real Queen Of The Office would look like?

Aaaaaallright… Black, tight suit? White Shirt? Red lips? Golden glasses? I must admit I’ve seen more secretaries in pornography than I have ever seen in any real office…

Tell me a few words about the music you listen.

One of my all-time-favourites are The Pogues; though I wish Shane would perhaps drink even a little less and therefore sing a little better… Not talking about new songs… What a pity; I think he could have been one of the biggest writers ever…
Anything else… Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street-Band, definitely. When you catch them in the right condition they are definitely one of the best Rockbands on the planet!
The best one is AC/DC. If you ask me.
Yep: stuff like that. Talking about Ska I like the Toasters a lot, the Slackers, and Madness of course… I know; not really a Ska-Band, but these guys produced songs hardly anyone else even comes close to…

What bands influenced Crooners?

I hope some of the above did… When I am writing a song of course I try not to steal from anyone too boldly;-)

What do you think about the new 3rd wave ska bands, do you think that  ska sucks  is right for them?

I wouldn’t say it that way… As we more or less are a 3rd-wave-Skaband too… I wish more bands would focus on songwriting a little more. I Think it is always a little cheap to give the people three chords to dance to, a simple chorus to sing along and leave it like that…
Which does not mean I would think that I am the one to change that! I just hope somebody else will.

What s the band you d like to play with, no hesitation.

Well; if you mean which band the Crooners would like to support I would say Manu Chao and Radio Bemba… Just because I would like to meet them… One of the best live acts I have ever heard of, of course…
If you mean the perfect line up were I could be the singer… Let’s pretend I COULD sing; of course… Steve Walwyn and Warner E. Hodges on guitars, Cliff Williams on Bass, Max Weinberg on Drums and Champion Jack Dupree on the Piano. The Kick Horns where necessary.
That would be great; but on the other hand: I do already have a band.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Personally? Well;  one or two kids would be great, so I could leave them alone to go on tour with my band, a house and garden and someone who takes care of all that, because I am not good at such things, a woman with a good job so I won’t have to have one… And apart from that? Bald, fat, lazy, happy.
By the way: What I want and where I see myself then are two different things;-)

Talk to me about Crooners concerts, I ve seen that there are not so many this year, what is the reason?

It’s not going to stay like that; don’t worry. We are working on many, many more dates- but right now we are too busy preparing the album release. We’ll surely play up and down Germany all over the year, and MAYBE… But who knows;-)

Do you know something about Romania?

Well; the usual things… We’re it is, how big it is and how many people live there… Thanks to Wikipedia;-) I definitely want to see Bukarest someday, I can very well imagine that it must be an impressing town…

A good word about fanzine?

You see; that is the newest thing I’ve learned about Romania: It seems to have a solid and alive Ska/Punk/Oi-Scene.

Your Zine looks as if you spend a lot of time and ambition on it, great thing!

Future plans?

Oh; all of the usual stuff: More Gigs, a small tour sometimes perhaps, more records… Getting to see a little more of the world; with my band in the best case… Writing another album and release it on my own label… Anyway; you’ll be informed;-)

Thanks for the interview and if you have something to add please do it now.


Mircea vs. Max february 2009

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