MPTY: You’re first album was released by Taang, are you satisfied with it?

Mike : Yes, Taang is great, I have been quite happy with them.

As i can see, it won’t be any show in the future period, why’s that?

Mike : Right now in California a lot of the all ages venues have shut
down, in fact in the US in general a lot of the all ages venues have
shut down, or the owners no longer allow hardcore punk bands to play.
We are starting to book some shows however it is much harder than it
used to be. Unfortunately there are a lot of kids in the scene who
start a lot of fights and destroy the venues, and its the bands and
those who are dedicated to the scene who are left picking up the

I know you’re all from band like Cheap Sex, Virus or Lab Rats. What brought
you together in Evacuate?

Mike : Cheap Sex used to play shows with the Lab Rats, and I became
friends with Karlos (Lab Rats)  from those shows. When Cheap Sex split
I spoke to Karlos about starting a band, things progressed from there.

You’re listeners of Minor Threat, what other bands have somehow
influenced Evacuate?

Mike : Evacuate is influenced by many bands. I grew up listening to a
lot of American and British punk, there are too many to name, a few
would be GBH, English Dogs, Slapshot, Toxic Reasons, Black Flag etc.

Tell me few words about band’s plans. As i can imagine, „What happened
to hardcore” is the song dedicated to the new bands which pretend to
be playing hardcore, like…Atreyu?

Mike : What Happened to Hardcore is about my memories of the hardcore
scene. Some kids write us and ask us to play their town, and ill write
back and say we are playing 30 minutes away from you on such and such
a date. Sometimes Ill get a response back saying that is too far and
can we play play closer to them. That blows my mind because I remember
on a Friday wed rush home throw our shit in a bag, pack in a car and
drive all the way to Boston or New York City from Philadelphia to see
a band play. We also didnt fuck up our venues and we looked after each
other. The song is about what I think the scene should strive to have
now – dedication, commitment, loyalty, and respect.

I saw a dusky perspective of the future in tunes like „City on fire”
or „Download destruction”. How do you see the planet in 100 years, as
a result of global warming?

Mike : Sometimes I do not see our planet surviving another 100 years,
at least not with us on it. Maybe the planet will be here, but we may
not be. Society is in turmoil. We are seeing the economic collapse of
the American empire which in turn is causing economic systems world
wide to collapse. We are in a constant state of war while the war
profiteers rake in the profits while people give their lives to god
and country. We continue to fight over nonsense like religion and our
ecological system is about to vomit all over humanity due to years of
abuse. This is our last warning. This is our last chance to see the
writing on the wall. If we dont get it right soon I really do not see
a future for humanity. I do however think we can get it right. I do
believe that.

Tell me something about your local hc/punk scene. Do you know anything
about Eastern Europe and Romania?

Mike : The local scene is good, however it is a very young scene. Not
a lot of older punks. I would like to see people stay active in the
scene longer. There are more older punks in the European scene.

Evacuate band

Evacuate band

One word for MPTY ZINE.

Mike : Thanks for the interview! I wish you and all your readers well,
and please feel free to email me at I like to
keep in touch with people! Thank you for supporting Evacuate!

Mircea vs. Evacuate-february 2009

thanks to Mike and Joe from Taang Records


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