Interview: Shadowbirds

MPTY Zine si 3 Ceasuri Rele prezinta: SHADOWBIRDS

sblogo0MPTY//3 Ceasuri Rele: In the beginnig, please introduce the members of the band.

Shadowbirds are a three piece band right now. Cherry Chainsaw plays doublebass,
Driller – stand-up-drums and me, Ati EDGE on guitar and vocals.

Could you tell me in a few words the history of the band?

We started the band in February of 2007 as a side project of some members of The Silver Shine.
Our first MCD came out last year on Crazy Love Records in Germany. We played some shows after the record and now we just decided we will continue the band as ATI EDGE AND THE SHADOWBIRDS in the future, so it will be a solo project.
Our good friend of ours called „Ivan the Great” will join us on some shows as second guitarist and Sick Wolfman will hit the drums as guest sometimes on the stage. We will record our first full-length album in the next weeks.

Which are the infuences for The Shadowbirds? Bands, musicians or other thing…

Our main influences are the old horror movies from the 50’s and 60’s… Drakula, Monster of Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein,
The Creature from the Black Lagoon and of course the „new school” movies like Friday 13th, Leatherface, Nightmare on Elm Street, etc.
Musically we like the 50’s horror rockabilly, some good 60’s garage stuff and 80’s psychobilly like Demented Are Go, Meteors, The Monsters, etc. Personally I’m fan of Tom Waits, Reverend Beatman, Dead Elvis…

What about the psychobilly scene in Hungary? Are there many bands? And the public?

There are a couple of psychobilly bands here in Hungary. Gorilla is just back and hope they will be active later this year.
There’s Voodoo Allen who plays old style psychobilly by Hungarian language. Yellow Spots who are mixing swing with psycho……
and of course my main band… called The Silver Shine. I can say the scene is growing in Hungary. We are booking a couple of bands from the abroad also and I can say there’s more interests lately.

Could you name a few bands that you enjoyed to play with?

Lee Rocker (USA), Dead Elvis (NL), Stressor (RU), Koffin Kats (USA), The Quakes (USA), etc.
These are just the biggest names but we enjoyed all the shows with all the bands that we played.

If I remember correctly you played at a festival in Kiev, Ukraine. Will you tell me a few words about it?

Yeah, that was a damn great festival! It was the first time when the band flew first time. There were a lot of people and enjoyed the festival so much. We met with real nice guys and bands. I was really happy to play together on one stage with Stressor there.

Tell me please about other shows that you had and will have.

Huhhh…. The best ones in Kijev at Ukrabilly Bang Festival as I said, in Germany at Psychomania Rumble No.2…..
it was a three days psychobilly party with the biggest names from the scene, in Augsburg with Dead Elvis, in Vienna with Lee Rocker, in Poland with The Jet-Sons, in Prague at Moonlight mayhem Festival and some shows in Hungary as support Koffin Kats, The Quakes, etc. Our European tour is booked and we will play some shows in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain and probably Czech Rep. in March….. we will support Phantom Rockers in Bremen, 25 Ta Life in Montpellier, etc.
Well, on the other hand we joined to a Hungarian booking agency named Zombie 11. They are doing right and really enthusiastic.
Not a typical psycho booking agency but I guess the best choice for us. We are the first psychobilly band on this agency together with
The Silver Shine besides some great punk and metal bands so we hope Shadowbirds will reach some really great places in Hungary and all over the world this way.

Not long ago Silver Shine were in town, and now you’re next. WHat do you know about the scene here?

Yeah, I played in Romania with The Silver Shine a couple of times… Twice in Timisoara, once in Bucharest and once in Satu Mare.
We’ve got very good time there. We enjoyed Romania a lot and we are really glad to come back with my solo project now.
You haven’t got psychobilly scene exactly, only a  few kids like psychobilly and try to spread the disease. It’s absolutely normal thing.
The psychobilly was nearly dead in Hungary after the first wave but the building started some years ago and now you can meet more psychos also on shows. By the way your building started also and I’m sure you will have some bands in the future and more
international bands will tour over there also. That’s great that your punk and hardcore scene is opened in Romania and it’s very important that they can support another underground styles also. But we will see it soon…..! 🙂

What is the band that you would agree to play with without hesitating?


What are the 3 things you would take with you to a deserted island?

A drumkit, a double bass and a guitar…. and we would definitely have a great time there:-)

Thank you for the interview and hope to see you soon!

We would like to say thank you very much for the interview, Casian! See you soon in Romania!!!!!!

Thanks to Casian and Shadowbirds

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