Interview: Ammoniaka

Ammoniaka este una din trupele  nou venite la ONE STEP RECORDS, alaturi de alte nume ca: RSBO, Redska, Quartiere Coffee sau Stiliti. Un prim interviu al baietiilor pentru un fanzin.


MPTY:Hey Simone, what’s up?

Simone:Hi Mircea, first of all let me say hello to you and everyone who reads your Fanzine! Everything is all right, we’re just back from our concert it really kicked ass!

I know you’ve signed a contract with One Step and that you’re getting ready for relase, how are things going?

Yes we’ve just signed a contract with ONE STEP RECORDS and We’re very proud and very glad of this collaboration. We’re a young band and under ONE STEP RECORDS’s supervision we’re sure we can easily grow up. In ONE STEP RECORDS we feel like at home beacuse it’s like a family for us and it’s really suitable for us!We’d like to take a chance to say thanks Ale and Fra who have always believed in us and in our work.Things are going well, we’re waiting for the mix of our album that probably will be available in may. At the moment we’re very satisfied of our work.

For those who don’t know you, please make me a short band presentation of the band.

We’re a young band from Pesaro, Our age is around 23 yo, we play together since 2002 and before we’re friends being a band.
Our seven years together brought us to create our first album titled: „30 agosto 2002”.
AMMONIAKA are 8 guys who really love music more than anything. AMMONIAKA are: simo (guitar-voice), mark (voice), diego (chitarra) ueda (bass) belbu (drum) fabio (sax) edo (trumpet) campo (trombone). We love californian punk-rock and jamaican ska/reggae. Our songs talk about personal experience paying particular attention to the various problem of our society.

Tell me something about the band that influenced you. I’ve noticed that you like Mad Caddies or Less Than Jake.

Yes!that’s correct for MAD CADDIES, LESS THAN JAKE and also AQUABATS but REEL BIG FISH is the band we principally refer to. Each of us takes inspiration from the music that he listens to. The more variety of music we listen to, the more variety of music we create and play. Our preferences about music are very different: from the Californian hardcore to jamaican reggae and in every song of ours you can hear various calls of these kind of music and finally…we are italian: we love STATUTO…they are the monument of ska for italian people.

Tell me about the Italian ska scene, cause I know it’s quite formed, myself being a fan of it.

Some years ago the italian ska scene used to count on a great succession of many important and historical band (like MEGANOIDI, STATUTO, LOS FASTIDIOS,SHANDON, VALLANZASKA and more…) There was a period where the scene had a notable decrease. Things are getting better now, there are a lot of good bands and labels, as ONES TEP RECORDS, who work for that. Also the historical bands are still very active! the collaboration between now and historical bands can be successful maintaining unchanged the ideals and fundamental principles of ska/reggae/punk and hardcore .Unfortunately in Italy we are suffering a climate of heavy repression but this won’t stop the bands and the scene, who will grow in the way they deserve.

Where do you guys see yourselves in 5 years?

We wish to be albe to follow the road of the bands that at the moment are the top in Europe!We also hope to be able to write a small piece European ska/core history.
It will be depend on many things but we’ll do the best we can.

I’ve seen that you started strongly with concerts. Are you planning a tour for album promoting?

Yes We have some good gigs.When our album will be available we will begin to organize a tour to promote the album with collaboration of ONE STEP RECORDS.

Redska or Los Fastidios?

It’s  impossible for us to choose between these two bands!we have played so many times together with both of them and we are tied up to them by a strong friendship.
Of course LOS FASTIDIOS are the history of the Italian and European street / punk, the REDSKA are on the right way and also they have begun to write a beautiful piece of the history of the Italian and European ska / punk.

Ammoniaka promo picture

Ammoniaka promo picture

Do you know anything about the Romanian bands?

We only know Haos…we are so sorry but here in italy we have no a good distribution of romanian bands.We hope play with some romanian band, it will be a good chance of friendship between italy and Romania!

If you were on a stranded island, what album of which band would you take with you?

Surely „WHY DO THEY ROCK SO HARD?” of REEL BIG FISH, but we could not leave at home albums like „AND OUT COME THE WOLVES” of RANCID, „LONDON CALLING” of THE CLASH and „HARD ROCK BOTTOM” of  „NO USE FOR A NAME”. We could not even forget BOB MARLEY and GREEN DAY.this question is too much difficult to me!I’d prepare a beautiful compilation with our favourite bands!

One word for MPTY

It’s Surely a fanzine that would deserve more visibility also in Italy, indeed well taken care of and adjourned!Go on through this way!

Thanks Simone for the interview and I hope to be seeing you in Romania.

Thanks for all Mircea, to you and all the people who work for the fanzine!It was funny answering this interview!I hope we’ll be able to come and play in Romania very soon!It would be fantastic!Hi guys!!!CHECK THIS OUT: and for sure !

Cheers from italy!

Mircea vs. Ammoniaka-march 2009

Thanks to Simone and Ammoniaka and Fra from OSR Crew.


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