The Warriors-Unite The Scene

The Warriors-Unite The Scene-Streetheart Records 2009

Oi is back, MPTY ZINE presents for Romania, The Warriors’ latest album, Unite the Scene. The band was formed from what remained of the UK band Last Resort. The style is a combination
of Oi and old school punk (made in The UK), the songs talk about injustice of the law, the diverse global problems which mankind is facing, memories and lots of beer.
The band brings a critic over the British political class and also worldwide in songs like: political crossfire, snafu. A critic twards human indiference is brought in tracks like:
compromise your belief,be a man. Joe Strummer and The Clash have got a tribute in the song future is unwritten. The album is one in the classic british style which brings back memories of bands such as: Gonads, Business, Cock Sparrer and others. The band hasn’t forgotten about a clockwork orange and the droogs generation which are brought back up in the track clockwork london. Also, there are featured on the album songs which bring irony to the drug consuming:john fila (drug dealer) or about how you can kill your boss in the song kill your boss. The album also features 3 bonus tracks after bands such as
Last Resort, Cock Sparrer or The Squad. 15 tracks 100 % oi for the friday evenings cause we live and die for friday night!.

The Warriors

The Warriors


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