Guerilla Farming // Saturn-NEW PROMOS

MPTY Zine recomanda:

MPTY Zine presents for Romania the latest material signed Guerilla Farming-Naturale.

The album was released by One Step Records in a limited edition, in april 2009.

The band joins the OSR gallery with names such as RedSka, RBSO, Michelangelo Buonarroti or Stiliti. The band is made out of seven exceptional musicians which mix reggae, ska and even dub sometimes.

Naturale is the debut album of the band and has 16 tracks recorded, including a cover on Lee Perry’s ‘Vampire’. About them, I can tell you that they gathered in Toscana in 1998 as a cover band, creatig their own repertoire and getting to play on the stages of the most important festivals of their genre in Italy and not only: Soundcube, Montereggae festival, Effetto Venezia or Reockerellando, being just a few of them.

Their lyrics talk about day-to-day experiences, respect for nature ( as the name of the band recalls ) and of course, a little love. A thoroughly energical album for all reggae/ska listeners, of the best quality.

On the album are featured: Queen Mary, Jexxy, Princevibe, Fede K-9 or R-Lab.

Best for long summer nights.

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Guerilla Farming

Guerilla Farming

Guerilla Asso presents the newest Saturn material. Saturn formed in 2000 in the south of France. The band’s style can be labelled as hc/punk but it has many other influences too.
The lyrics have social theme and harsh irony is also present on some tracks. The lyrics talk about politics and the political class, which they don’t appreciate that much, about the different problems of society and bring a drop of irony on their leaders.
The band is deeply involved with the local underground scene, organizing concerts and running a distro. There have been many concerts in France and Saturn brought with them on stage a lot of bands like: Guerilla Poubelle, Uncommonmenfrommars, Burning Heads, Bane and the list could go on.
The band also went on an European tour, performing in Romania, Hungary, Poland, Germany, Lithuania, Belgium… And we’re hoping we’ll see them here again with their new album.13 tracks about : punk scene, political tragedy and a big drop of irony. A big up for Big Teddy!




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