Farmers Boulevard-RED CARPET

MPTY ZINE presents for Romania the latest material of Farmers Boulevard – Red Carpet. FB is one of the pioneer hardcore bands from Germany, formed in 1997 in Leipzig. Red Carpet represents their third full album, recorded between 2002 and 2005 and is one of the most mature album of the band. The best word to describe this album is of course, Liberty, as hardcore is more than just a music, it’s an entire lifestyle, based on frienship, respect, solidarity and unity. The band manifests is disgust twards mass-media, the political class or various social problems. Of course, neither could the critic on underground music be missing. An album with no compromise, 100 % hardcore, just like it should be. If you like Adjugement, then surely Farmers Boulevard will be the next ones in your playlist. A mix between new school and old school with strong words and attitude. Hardcore isn’t just boys with haircuts and baggy jeans talking about their high-school sweethearts. This is hardcore
and if you don’t like it, as FB put it: This is our statement: FUCK OFF ! If i managed to make you just a bit interested, I can tell you then that you can see them in Romania as well, live on the 24 April in Iasi, on the 25th in Cluj and on the 26th in Bucharest.
mpty zine april-2009

Farmers Boulevard-red carpet

Farmers Boulevard-red carpet


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