MPTY ZINE presents for Romania the 27th number of GARAZ. To my mind, the greatest Polish zine, 88 pages professionnally printed in A4 format with color covers. The zine is edited by the ones from Jimmy Jazz Records from Poland. Number 27 is plentiful enough and with various interviews such as: WC, Valkirians, Damrockers, Anti Dread, Garry Bushell, Warfare, Analogs, Ziggie Piggie, Karcer, Lunatics, Skampararas, Soulburners, Ruckers, Peacocks or Alegrija. The zine presents an article on the Italian punk scene or stories of bands such as: Sham69, Last Resort, Dickies or Dictators.Also includes a CD with bands form Jimmy Jazz – punk,ska,oi,psychobilly…1,2,3,Go

PS: CD’s reviews inside!


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