MPTY ZINE support in Romania

TNS or That’s Not Skanking bring up the latest news.
It’s about number 5/ May of their fanzine. 24 pages in A5 format, freely distributed by label. In this issue you can read stuff about StrummerCamp, the festival dedicated to one of the most important people in punk – Joe Strummer, because without him and without Joey Ramone I don’t think that punk would have been as we know it today, as Mike Ness of Social Distortion would say: They were the pioneers, on how StrummerCamp began, whose idea was it and what bands are playing this year that we can find in the zine. Exclusive interviews with Zeke, Los Salvadores or Sense of Urgency. There are news on the TNS label, on the latest releasings: Sounds of Swami, Revenge of the Pychotronic Man or The Shadowcops. TNS ZINE comes along with some interesting articles.. one on vegetarians and another on how much it costs to organize a DIY thing and in general, about the DIY ethics. The zine’s recommendations on clubs, distros or clothes-shop arent’s missing. The reviews are split
into 2 categories: the live ones and the CDs. As long as CDs are concerned I would like to remember: The Scaredy Cats, The Vipers, Rise Against or Bullet Treatment and lives such as: Reel Big Fish, Anti Flag, Rise Against and others.
TNS are old friends of MPTY ZINE beginning with the Stand Out Riot CD, along with the zine. TNS have tried to put heads to an entire underground DIY network and bring a radio, a label and a distro, as well as organising DIY concerts in Manchester. Until we’ll have in Romania such a network, we must enjoy the foreign ones and hope that one day we will reach those performances. An important step we made through BHCB, TBA, SAM, TBC, NBJO, Riot Seed Distro, Gluga Neagra, Anopsia, 3 Ceasuri Rele and with your permission, the South-Eastern MPTY ZINE and Rebellion Crew Zine ( which we hope will be out soon).

Sounds Of Swami- Halcyon Days-TNS Records 2009
Punk rock with hardcore, a crazy mix, quick and at the same time melodic, alongisde with political and social lyrics. 6 tracks, a few moments of melodic fast hc for those of you who also want something else! We’re waiting for news this summer.

Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man-Make Pigs Smoke-TNS Records 2009
Zeke alongside with Lawrence Arms of UK. 14 tracks meaning 18 minutes of fast punk. A handload of irony refering to the so-called underground scene, commercial music, nights of alcohol and some personal thoughts. Surely a must have for punk lovers !


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