MPTY ZINE:Hey boys, how are you?

Nudge: Good.

Haschek: Fine, and really excited for the upcoming tour. Additionally we play in our hometown tonight, this is a special feeling everytime.

Seppl: good and excited 🙂

Seebi: Sleepy but excited – last days were packed with tour preparation …

Are you ready for romania?

Nudge: I hope so.

Your last album was red carpet in 2006. when should we be expecting something new?

Haschek: We work on new material, last year we jammed a lot and collected ideas but didn’t fix that stuff to finished songs. Beside that we already have some unreleased songs which we wrote after the „Red Carpet” release. To be honest, currently I don’t have a big output if it comes to writing lyrics. Can’t concentrate on this and most times I’m not satisfied what I’ve wrote.

Nudge: I would like to work on a new release after the show. release maybe end of 2010?

Seppl: Generally, the last month we enjoyed to jam and intuitively rehearsed. It is not a question of creativity, but of focusing on put all these ideas together. After the tour is a good time to consider our rehearsal recordings.

I know you are friends with adjugement. didn’t you consider releasing a split cd?

Nudge: yes.

Haschek: We know Adjudgement since 2000 and we are always pleased if we meet them. Funny that you ask about a split record because I’ve talked to the drummer of Adjudgement last week and we joked about that we could make a split record if neither Adjudgement nor FB have enough songs for a own release in 2010. Seriously there are no real plans to do a split but if there is a record label out there interested in an A/FB-split just come back 🙂

I know you are inovators, you haven’t lost hope yet.. that something will get better?

Seebi: Innovators? We just play straight and simple songs as we like 🙂

Haschek: We don’t think that we are innovaters, we are four guys loving all the ideas of hc/punk playing hardcore music and having fun with it. We are a bit to young having a big impact in hardcore scene or to innovate something related to hardcore but we hope that we can give something back. If it comes to hope I’m a pessimistic optimist, I don’t really believe that any kind of things will be going better but that doesn’t mean that I give up my hope. In my eyes our hope and our dreams are helping us in our daily life, they’re giving us power and strength.

Nudge: as it looks to me, materialism is gaining stage further. until now there’s no turning point in sight. But that does not necessarily mean, that the situation is hopeless. It will last a bit longer.

If we still are at this chapter, how do you see the financial crisis?

Nudge: The crisis has more than one side. At first, it is a logical consequence of the overpowered market values that did not exist. So the good thing about it is that is an end of an uncontrollable spiral. We have to face the social facts again: What is the outcome of our work as a social community and how can we feed our mouths by our hands work – the financial market is in that sense a hoax. And the crisis also began in the car industry – an industry that did not make any steps into ecological change when not forced to. We have to get rid of those oil-pitting machines anyway, the question is finally when. So it is a good crisis cause it marks a starting point. But the second side is, that the crisis is also a crisis made by the industry. In the same moment as the companies seem ruined, they can claim even more financial support from the states or fire thousands of people, finally getting rid of the ballast – the working people, who are not needed anymore in the so called global supply chain. So it’s a bad crisis. There’s no need to believe in that shit. Companies are earning billions over billions while their employees fall through the cracks? The best way to get over this crisis is my means to turn off TV.

Is punk music affected by this crisis?

Haschek: I don’t know, maybe some commercial clubs won’t do punk/hc shows for unknown bands when only a few people showing up. And I don’t care if major labels would stop to release punk records. Generelly underground scenes should not get negatively affected very much, it’s quite the contrary. Personally, I hope that the crisis could bring some real value back to punk and hardcore.

Nudge: Music made by people for people will never be affected, but inspired by any crisis. Music made for mass markets (that sucks) will be affected.

Seppl: This genre of music has always pointed crucial issues in our societies. A lot of people around the world are suffering by crisis consequences. Changes are nessecary. So hopefully more people begin to question the status quo, like Punk/HC does.

Gimme a top 5 of the bands you’ve seen live or you would like to see.

Nudge: Morning Again, Comback Kid, Refused, SOIA, Kafka

Haschek: Just unordered: Morning Again, Ryker’s, Turmoil, Defdump, The 4 Sivits – can’t say if this is really a top 5 but all those shows have been great or important for me in one or another way. Hope to see the Beastie Boys this year again.

Seppl: SOIA, Morning Again, Turmoil, Beastie Boys, Metallica 🙂

Seebi: Want to see Fanfare Ciocarlia (last seen in krakow but cant get enough), Manu Chao (best somewhere in south or middle america) and Rifu. Very much liked to see the Ryker’s (this band was my hardcore starting point) and Turmoil (these guys changed my opinion of good hardcore music!).

When will we see you on mtv? or on cribs? have you got what to show us

Haschek: No, we don’t have any ring tones to sell 🙂

Nudge: on MTV/cribs: maybe never. But that doesn’t matter imho.

Two words on your message.

Nudge: antiracism and fun.

Haschek: Most lyrics are about social and political issues as well as about personal stuff, recently it’s more on freedom and awareness.

Seppl: Tolerance and Freedom.

Seebi: Don’t believe in messages 🙂

A word for MPTY ZINE and for those from Romania.

Nudge: We are looking forward to visit Romania! it is our first trip to Bucharest as well as Romania and we are excited what will happen. 🙂

Thanks for the interview. if there is something you would like to add..

Haschek: We hope to meet a lot of interesting people and places on tour, having good conversations, exchanging ideas or just having a beer/juice together.

Nudge: thank you for the interview!

thanks to Haschek and FB CREW.
Mircea-mptyzine-may 2009




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