Despre Indignity am scris intr-un numar mai vechi al fanzin-ului, i-am vazut recent la Varna si am ramas impresionat la modul cel mai placut, alaturi de trupa care a facut un show superb si publicul a fost la inaltime…si inca mai avem multe de invatat…ok de ajuns, MOSH!


Hello Ico, how are you ?

Hi Mircea, I’m fine thank you.
Congrats for your concert in Varna, it was awesome and you did a great show.

Thank you, we had fun too.

You are one of the oldest hc Bulgarin bands, how were things back in 1995, at the beginning?

We were much more younger. Bunch of kids that goin’ to the Confront and Dissident shows. We’ve decided to figure out what it feels to be on the outer side insted of just listening to this kind of music and starting to make our own music and of course express our ideas. It was difficult to play in a hardcore band wich is not far from what is now, but we found strenght in our friends and lots of people that supported us. This is the reason that keep us still goin’ on.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years’ time?

Yes it’s a long time of existence for a hardcore band, we have a lot of friends playing with us during the years. Idignity is still and always will be gatherd around friendship, maybe thats the main issue about this band. We’ve cahnged the sound and we’ve started to wright in our own language, and yes some of us have children and familys to care about but we’re still plaing as much as we can.

You were on two Bulgarian hc compitaltions and also have a CD released, what are you up to in 2009?

We have a lot of new songs and we hope to find the opportunity and time to record them and make the second album after 15 years hahahaha. Till then we try to play live wherever we can if we manage it with our jobs, of course.

Live in Varna bt popa the long

Live in Varna bt popa the long

You performed with bands such as Murphys Law or Do or Die, how did you feel?

For us there is no big difference playing with other bands that are our friends and playing with famous bands from the scene, we always enjoy playing live and we’re just doin’ our thing.

I know a lot of things about the Bulgarian hc/punk scene, you really have got things to be proud of. Tell me something about the scene in Varna.

At the beginning the scene in Varna was mostly influenced by the UK anarcho punk. Bands like Abort, Dissident and Confront where very important not only for the scene in Varna but they actually started the Bulgarian punk/hardcore scene wich is very diversitiv. The scene grow up in numbers. Right now you can find a lot of new bands and they play a lot of different styles. This days most of the new blood comes from Sofia but in Varna they are some new names that you must keep an eye on – Contadiction, On Our Own, One Faith, Bombshelter, A-moral just to name a few.

I asked you after the concert if there is a rivalry between the scene in Sofia and the one in Varna.

There’s no such thing hahaha, we’ve always been friends, maybe some misunderstandings but that’s a natural thing when you have more than two people. We’ve expirienced this even in our own band, but that does not makes us enemys.

Live in Varna by popa the long

Live in Varna by popa the long

You have been in Constanta 5 or 6 years ago, how did the city seem to you ? How’s our public as compared to yours? I have noticed that in Varna you are like a big family, which I can’t say about Constanta..

We remember very well this show in Constanta. It was a great expirience for us. That was the very first time we’ve played outside Bulgaria. It was awsome show! We’ve shared the stage with alternativ and new metal bands and we were told that Indignity is the first hardcore band to play in Constanta, wich we don’t know if it’s true, but we’ve watched the people goin’ crazy and enjoing the show. It was the first time we where forced to sign autographs in our lives hahahahaha. Not so long ago our friends A-moral played in Constanta and told us that there are very good quality bands.
Varna is one of the bigest towns in Bulgaria but is still a very little city and evryone from the scene know each other, the bands supporting each other and I think that makes us one big family.

Tell me something about the bands that played an important role in the Indignity structure.

They are too much bands that have to be mentioned here – in the begining there was Silencebreak after they broke up Indignity and Outrage where formed, we haved members from Ignore (anarcho punk), Confront (punk/hardcore/anarcho punk), Maniacal Pictures (punk/indie), Not Broken In Spirit (old skool hardcore), Relief (hardcore/thrash/metal), Outrage (brutal hardcore/metal), Crowfish (indy/melodic punk), By The Way (indy/punk/alternative), Just a Product (melodic punk). Two of our members are playing also in Another Day (hardcore/metal).

Where can people find you on the internet ? How you got promoting or something like that ?

Of course like anyone else we have myspace page wich is:
We’re unsigned band and we did the promotional thing by ourselfs and some of our friends. Indignity is still a DIY band. You can check out: and to find out more about the punk/hardcore scene in Bulgaria.
A word for the ones in Romania and for those who read MPTY ZINE?

Greetings to everyone, stay true to yourself a stay young, support your local scene and it will grow up and will go stronger and better.

Thanks for your time and I hope to see you again soon at a new concert.

Thank you too for your support and interest! We appreciate your efforts and your work with the zine. Hope to meet you soon and who knows play another show in Constanta, it’ll be great.

Mircea vs Ico-mai/iunie 2009


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  1. super misto. daca stiam veneam si eu! :p
    bataie celor ce nu sustin formatiile, si muzica in general.
    muie sapcarilor. hahaha!
    si celor ce adora tricourile cu scheleti. hahah!

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