Interview-What We Feel-Moscow Hardcore

What We Feel s-au format undeva in 2005 in Rusia si abordeaza un HC politic,social.Trupa este cunoscuta pentru actiuniile sale alaturi de miscari ca: food not bombs sau ALF,  fiind prezenta la numeroase concerte si actiuni de genul acesta. Trebuiau sa vina in Bucuresti insa nu a fost sa fie..i-am vazut totusi in Varna si am ramas surprins. Melodic punk/hc cu influente NYHC in your face. La cele cateva intrebari a raspuns Igor, basistul trupei….MOSH!


MPTY ZINE:  Hey Igor, did you reach Russia OK? You were great in Varna, congratulations.

Igor: Thank you very much! already about one week in russia. was really sad to get out from the bulgarian sea and sun))

You released a split CD with Last Hope from Bulgaria, are you preparing something new, of your own?

Yeah, we are finishing now work for new album. we just need to make all soungengineering stuff. hope we we will release it as CD and LP at september, before tour. it will be 14 songs album.
some songs we will put to our myspace at august.

I know that you are planning a tour, tell me something about it.

It will be 3 weeks tour, we will travel to belarus, poland, germany, france, swiss, austria, slovakia, chech, and hungary.
it will be 4th benefit tour around europe in support of russian antifa movement, what we made already.

I have heard about your very sad happening, about Sasha, could you tell me more?

What i can say? everyday i feel really bad, everyday i remember this day, remember this killed kid, killed by fucking nazi bastards. it was really horryble bro, i cant speak about it – really. and its very sad, that such things in russia, and not only, happends really offen.

Tell me a little on your musical influences. A top 5 of the bands.

oh… ok. for me it will be:
1) sick of it all
2) the queers
3) the toy dolls
4) turbolax (rus)
5) mighty mighty bosstones

I know you were to reach Romania and you didn’t manage to get your visas. Are you going to try again?

Oh, really hope that it will be next year! we was really sad about this visa stuff.

What do you know about Romania?

oh))) big land, with great nature!))
actually, to say true, we dont know so much about romanian punk/hc scene here. hope we will correct it, after visit your land)))
what about contry? we just see tv news about it, i think your stuff really the same like we have in russia) stuped corrupted politiks, and brutal police.

A last word for those who read MPTY ZINE and for those who listen to you. Thanks for the interview and I hope to see you soon at a concert.

guys and girls!! really thank you for support!! hope will see you at our gigs!!! stay antifa!


Thanks to Igor and WWF.

Mircea vs. Igor-june 2009

mpty zine june 2009

MPTY ZINE 9/10 with: The Barricade, Indignity, WWF, Fairdos, Dockside Hoockers, Turn It Red, NOFX, Rancid, Anti Flag, Mike Ness and of course gigs,reviews,news and promos!

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