One Step Records-JAKA

Mpty zine presents for Romania: Jaka-Spiritual R-Evolution

One step recoreds bring you the latest Jaka material. It’s about a live recorded album during the concert in Firenze, on the 6th of march 2009. The album has 21 tracks in collaboration with Fire Band and Queen Mary, 21 tracks full of energy, an Italian reggae treasure. Spiritual R-Evolution is a great combination of reggae, ska, hip hop and dub on themes which vary from love, society and an anti-war message.
Jaka represents probably one of the most important Italian reggae names, present on stage together with Alton Ellis, Max Romeo, Africa Unite or EEK A Mouse, taking part at various festivals in the USA, Spain, Jamaica, Autria or Greece. One of the most mature material of the artist, musically speaking, also taking into consideration the lyrics. Jaka is the promoter of H2F project, a documentary on music from the suburbs of Fiorentina and about the hip hop and reggae of Toscana. If Michelangelo Buonarroti, Franziska, Queen Mary, Quartiere Coffee tell you something, then it’s clear that you should listen to Jaka!

Jaka-Spiritual R-Evolution-OSR

Jaka-Spiritual R-Evolution-OSR


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