The Duel-Childish Behavior

MPTY ZINE presents for Romania:THE DUEL

Punk hasn’t died, in all this musical industry that sold it, commercialized it, ridiculed it, punk returns in the ‘77s and can show that it’s still has the guts to say “fuck you!”
The Duel, because we are talking about them, has released, as DIY punk band should, a double CD, named “Childish Behavior”, a total of 25 tracks (14 on the first CD and 11 in acoustic version on the second).
It’s an album in the pure old school style, which represents the band’s vision connected to war, religion and the critic brought to the whole music industry.
Tara Red, the lead vocals for The Duel, often compared to Debbie Harry (in her good days) or with Polly Styrene shows that girl fronted punk bands hadn’t died.
On this album, The Duel carries on what The Ramones, Adverts, Vibrators, Pistols or Clash (just to name a few) started, and that’s the free spirit, the power to say “fuck you!”, the non-conformism, topics less present in bands these days.
We can notice a development in the band regarding the instrumental part and it does not sound like the previous released albums.
Ironic tracks linked to the music industry, all optimistic tracks in the same old school spirit related to punk, life and music.

For those of you who likes: Slaughter and The Dogs,The Deadboys,UK SUBS, Vice Squad…The Duel it’s a must have!

thanks to Tara Red and The Duel and Anopsia Radio Station!




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