Interview-THE POKES

Despre The Pokes am mai scris cu ceva timp in urma. Sunt o trupa de folk/punk din Germania, poate una din cele mai bune. Recent au lansat albumul Poking The Fire si se pregatesc de un turneu. Interviul este de prin martie 2009 insa datorita faptului ca Basti este un lenes, Ian s-a hotarat sa ne raspunda …si asta e ceea ce a iesit!. ENJOY!


MPTY ZINE: Hey Ian, what’s up, when it gona be released the album?

IAN: It is being recorded right now, most of the stuff is already done.
As it is also going to be mixed and mastered on quite a profesional level it will take its time.
We are lucky to have this support from a friend of ours. To record a new album is always a highlight.
With all those new songs and ideas I am really looking forward to have them on CD and to present them at the upcoming concerts.

You will go on a tour in Germany.Please tell me were can you be seen live this year.

Being busy in a positive way as we are right now it makes more sense to tour when the album is out.
So it is more likely that we will go on tour after the festival season, some time in october/november. It also depends on how many locations/gigs we get organised.

About the „Struck By Media” song, is this an irony towards those who forget their ideals and become „couch potatoes”?

Exactly. We seem to get lazy or frustrated so we start to care more about personal matters. Rather than actively taking part in matters that need our solidarity to have a chance of changing things. But that does become very difficult if I permantly watch TV and take over those opinions already prepared for everybody. Instead of making up my own or at least double-checking.

What bands influenced Pokes?

With now 7 members there will be 7 influences.
I can name some bands I like (Toy Dolls, Stiff Little Fingers, Rolling Stones, Blitz, Anti-Heros, Beatsteaks…) but none of them really influenced me.
I don’t want „the Pokes” to sound like anyone else.We play Folk-Punk – and we play it Pokes-style.

What bands you listen most often?

Right now, I have to admit, the last four CDs I listended to were from „Enya” „Frank Zappa” „Miburo” and „Marlene Dietrich”.

Tell me a few words about the punk scene in Berlin?

I have stepped back from the scene as there are far too many fucked-up antisocial people participating.
But the music-scene is very lively. Basti is more of an expert.

Where do you see the band in five years?

As Germanys N0.1 Folk-Punk band.With as many supporters as possible so we can transport issues in a more efficient way and maybe, maybe cause a little change of thinking here and there. To help put a focus on matters that we think are important.

Why did Markus leave the band?

That is very difficult to explain to someone outside the band.A band is like a team and Markus is not exactly a teamplayer.A great entertainer but also a spotlight-addict on and off stage.This works out fine with some of his other projects and his band „Ruckers” but not with such a big band (number of people) like „the Pokes”. Markus and the members of the Pokes get along fine and we still sit together at the bar now and again where he works or meet at other occasions.

Is Haha Lis the most privileged Pokes member?

Being a gentleman I say yes.The same ius to besaid for Anne (tin-whistle + violin) who is our newest member But we also have other bandmembers that can turn into little pricesses when they have a bad day.
Off course Lis and Anne are unmistakenly female but they are respected for their great talent and not for their tits.

I know you have a video for „The Day I Pass Away”, are you thinking of a second one?

Yes, but it takes time and money which we both do not have right now.
There are 2 Live-Videos from the Force-Attack-Festival now on our homepage (

Do you know something about Romania?

Only very little. I know about the Carpathian Mountains and the black sea as popular holiday spots, Dacia Logan (which I drove on my holiday in morocco), Palinka, Adrian Mutu + Vlad Munteanu + Sergiu Radu, Dracula and Transsylvania and they also say that Romania is a good place to get the car broken into.
This is all I can think of right now.
Maybe we get lucky and get invited for a concert/festival some day so we can get to know more.

A good word about MPTY ZINE
The first Towerblocks-Interview I ever read was in MPTY ZINE, allthough we know the band (also from Berlin) very well. I had a bit of trouble with some of the romanian topics due to my lack of understanding but on the whole it looks very professional and up to scratch. And it is defenately one more part that strengthens the scene in an international manner, to link and to grow.

Thanks for your time, if you have something to add please do so now cheers mate

I have been saying so much, so now is a good time to shut up and say good bye.

Thanks to Ian and The Pokes.

Mircea-mptyzine-june 2009

The Pokes-press picture

The Pokes-press picture


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