Interview-Dockside Hookers

Vin din Canada si abordeaza un street-punk/oi. Se pregatesc de un material nou si au inceput concertele in Canada. Am stat de vorba cu Max si cu Bas si ne-au spus ei mai multe…enjoy!


MPTY ZINE: Hello boys, how are you ?

Bas:Fine,thank you.

i know you’re working on or you’ve just finished your album, when will it be released?

Bas:Yeah,we’ve recorded a 4songs 7-inch last febuary and its coming out on Canada Day(1st of july) on Longshot music and Bandword records. We  are planning a party release the 3rd of july in our town,Quebec city.

you’ve started, if i’m not wrong, a 2-weeks mini tour in the us and canada. what are you preparing for this summer?

Bas:Yeah,that was our first idea,touring in the US,but we are going to eastcoast Canada instead.Its to complicated with the US borders,so thats the new plan.

have you thought about coming to eastern europe?

Bas:Fuck yeah man,we would like to play in eastern europe.But right now,we are not realy well known.

i’ve seen in your description that you don’t sing about relationships and you’re not gonna make people dance, is this ironical to the new bands who come out with
sentimental lyrics?

Bas:There’s alot of Emo and trendy punk bands over here who sing about girls and relationships,so yeah,haha,that was ironical to them.
Max: Yeah, it’s sort of a rally cry against that stupid girly music with guys wearing make up and doing 12 fucking albums about the same girl that dumped them!

tell me a little about your musical influences.

Bas:Wednesday night heroes,Subway Thugs,the Cleats…canadian street punk band in general.
Max: And a lot of European ones too. Basically, everything that is Oi, streetpunk, and have a lot of melodies in it.

i’ve done an interview for an older number with the ones from The Fallout, good band, have you ever taken into consideration recording a split CD with them
or a collaboration of any kind?

Bas:the Fallout is an awesome band for sure.  we‘ve played with them for the Canada Day 2years ago.A split CD could be great,thx for the idea man,haha.

tell me a little about the scene in Canada.

Bas: Canada is a really big country. We have an awesome scene here but it’s hard to play everywhere since you may have to travel 1000 – 1500km between two big cities. So yeah, awesome scene, awesome bands, but hard to play where we would like to play!

in this digital era, how did you consider promoting yourselves? i’ve recently seen that you have an interview in Oi the print, anything else?

Bas:With the internet,earth is realy small,so thats a good thing for promoting ourselves.There’s a couple of zines we gonna appear this summer,some from Germany,Sweden,Spain,France…things are happening.

tell me a funny story of the band happened in these 5 years.

Max: Nothing really fucked up happened honestly. Just fun times.
Bas: Well we have a song that really is a “fan favorite” if I can say. We have the habit of closing most of our show with it, it’s Forever Young. Since a couple of months, we can’t seem to end it normally. When we play it, it’s fucking all out war in the crowd, we have to extend the sing along part cause so many people just jump on stage, grab the mics and just sing along again and again and again that part. We kinda feel like the fucking Grateful Dead and their 20 minutes songs back in the days!

do you know anything about romania? do you know a romanian band or a zine?

Bas:Call TV?haha,just kidding.Cuz this new kind of television from Roumania is now here in Quebec city.Well,the only band I know from Roumania is Los Pogos.A fucking good band by the way.
Max: You guys had count Dracula no?

thanks for the interview and for your time, you’ve got the last word.

Bas: Well… thanks to you first for that opportunity, it’s really appreciated! Also, we’d like to thank Mike at Longshot and Mark at Bandworm records for trusting us with our music and to think we really worth their money to print and distribute the new 7”. Thanks to the ever growing number of people who get into our music.
Max: You forgot… thanks to you, the reader, hope you enjoy our music!


thanks to Max and Bas from Dockside Hookers. also thanks to you who read this and to all the punks and skins all over the globe! CHEERS!

Mircea-mptyzine-june 2009


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