Interview-Guerilla Farming

Una din trupele preferate de la One Step Records. Daca mai cititi pe aici, stiti desigur de pasiunea mea nebuna pentru muzica din Italia si tarile Americii de Sud…asa ca pentru numarul din aceasta vara i-am ales pe cei de la Guerilla Farming. Un mix de ska si reggae demential!ENJOY!


MPTY ZINE:  Hey boys, how’s it going? How’s the weather in Italy?

Hi. We’re all doing well, thank you. We are very excited for the release of our album. Also, is starting the summer time and that means concerts-time!

For those who don’t know you, tell me a few word about how you started.

The band was first formed in September 1998 and for a few years we performed as a reggae music cover band, playing Bob Marley, Lee Perry, Burning Spear, etc. Of the original group, just the singer, the bass player and the rhythmic guitarist are remaining. Over the last three years we have been introducing our own pieces.

You are new at OSR, how are things going until now?

The promotion has only recently begun and we are distributing material through Italian radio interviews.

Congrats for Naturale. Are you happy with what you did?

Thank you. Yes we are, we managed to maintain a fresh sound. We were
also very pleased with the work done by the artistic co-production of
Ciretnik Studios.

I’ve seen you have got some concerts coming up. You’re starting a tour for Naturale, where can you be seen?

For the moment we have various live events but the most important is our performance at the Rototom Sunsplash, european reggae festival in Osoppo (Italy)

In Rasta Italiano you talk about Sandinista or Talibani, are you an apolitical band?

The references to Sandinistas and Talibans are to do with the fact that these two
movements, although very different from each other, were both fought by Babylon. For us, politics should be a means to obtain a better
standard of life for everyone, with respect for nature and individual
freedom, and not a way to enrich yourself. Given the current political panorama that surrounds us – yes we feel very apolitical
What bands do you listen to?

Antony B, Capleton, Sizzla, Damian Marley, The Upsetters, Marley and the Wailers, Sud sound system

I know many Italian reggae/ska bands, I notice it’s a wide scene. With whom do you get along best and who do you like most?

Reggae National Tickets were very good, we also like Sud Sound System.

Do you know anything about Romania?

When we think of Romania, what comes to mind are The Black Sea beaches, Dracula and the Carpathian mountains, and your political ups and downs…..

If you were to leave on an island, please tell me 3 CDs that you’d take along.

In chronological order: “ the Grand Wazoo” by Frank Zappa, “Babylon Bus” by Bob Marley and the Wailers, and “Clandestino” by Manu Chao.
A word for MPTY ZINE

Hello MPTY zine. We think your behind the scenes approach to music and art is very interesting.
Thank you for the interview and maybe we’ll get to see you in Romania.

Thank you for interviewing us. We certainly hope we will be able to
come to Romania one day, maybe on tour….

photo by: Agnese Bianchi

photo by: Agnese Bianchi

Thanks to Guerilla Farming and to One Step Records!

Mircea-mptyzine-june 2009


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