AMMONIAKA-new album!-30 agosto 2002

MPTY ZINE presents for Romania:

One Step Records brings out Ammoniaka’s first album. After seven years since the founding, the band releases its first album with trumpets. A mix of California skacore and a little hardcore and some rocksteady and traditional ska. The album is about youth’s problems, about the neverending struggle against all prejudice, about friendship and the attack the mass media takes against population, it’s a smooth irony for the „modern” culture amongst youth and other social categories. It’s an album full of skank, punk and rocksteady!
There is also a tribute to the Ramones in „i dischi del mio padre”, that’s definitely the best song on this album. It’s a good album also instrumentally speaking, with all the features it needs for a good skank, a powerful message and also great guests: redska or la braghe corte.
This is a band that gives you a great dose of adrenaline even in the first note of the first song, a band that created a very optimistic album in the same time.
You can order it at or you can visit Ammoniaka’s webpage ( This really is a must have for the genre’s followers.


1. 11:49:27 pm
2. I Dischi di mio padre feat. Victor (la braghe corte)
3. La teoria del matto
4. Non ce la faccio piu
5. 11:59:27 pm
6. 30 agosto 2002
7. Non riesco a restare
8. A4 di spade
9. Il resto non conta feat. Il Duca, De Veggent (redska) migliore non vince mai
11.Sara perche ti amo
12.Roxy bar
14.Luigi’s trip feat. Il Duca, De Veggent (redska)



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