Von Danikens-12 Hot Shots

MPTY Zine presents for Romania:

Von Danikens are from Spain, more precisely a small town called Tarragona (it is neither London nor Stockholm). The band was formed in 2004 after Ajuste de Cuentas breakup (a small band with some local fame). 12 Hot Shots is the name of their album and it was released by UnitedKids Records. It’s a mix of oi and streetpunk and it goes well with a cold beer. These guys don’t sing about blonde chicks and are not the toughest, but as they say ‘still we don’t give a fuck’, they don’t have the looks of super models, don’t listen to Coldplay and neither of them wears yellow/black underwear. Street rock’n’roll for punks, skins and hooligans. The irony, the songs about beer and fun, the memories and the small amount of hate make 12 Hot Shots an album you shouldn’t miss. Also, one of the album’s tracks is an hymn dedicated to ET the alien. One of the members is an Oscar nominee who is neither Tom Hanks nor Mel Gibson, but Leslie Nielsen. If you like Cock Sparrer, Cockney Rejects, Major Accident in a mix with some Ramones, then Von Danikens is the band for you. For the Friday evenings, for memories, for friends, for the optimists – it’s worth it!

check out these guys here: http://www.myspace.com/vondanikens

Von danikens 12 hot shots-album cover

Von danikens 12 hot shots-album cover

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