Brute Squad-Wolves Among The Sheep-2009

MPTY Zine presents for Romania: Brute Squad
H8PIECE Records bring along the new Brute Squad album, Wolves among the sheep. The band came onto the H8 Piece gallery along with bands such as Copyright Chaos, Blue Collar Criminals, Iron Guts Kelly and many more thers, representing the Tucson, Arizona scene proudly. Brute Squad was formed somewhere in 2001 in Tucson, Arizona, with 4 badass guys,pissed of with a lot of tattoos. A combination of hc/punk and a little metal, for many of the fans of bands such as : Hoods, Madball, Agnostic Front, Biohazard or Blood for Blood. It’s about how real life is in the day-to-day world, about the struggle for survival, friendship and loialty, fury against the system and unity. Hardcore/punk still lives along thanks to these banfs which continue to be loyal to the scene without becoming commercial or making compromises. An album which is from head to tail very tough and fast, cause as they said it „we play the real shit” so you mustn’t be expecting a pink pretty world, full of kindness. Hardcore as it should be, full of passion, friendship and optimism. 10 tracks of A+, and for sure a must have for all of the genre’s fans. IT’S THE LOCAL 138 TUCSON !!!
thanks to Mike!



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