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Rovente is the latest album of Macola & Vibronda, recently released by One Step Records. It’s Marcola’s second album, launched at a distance of three years from Calma. Macola, on his name Marcello Mazzola brings along a combination of influences of all kinds, starting with folk, passing on with ska and reaggae and stopping at blues and country. The album begins with Rebelde, a track that carries you onto the wild West, written bt Macola in remembering the South American revolutionaries. Adesso is a strong reggae love song with many feeling . It’s easily going to folk and ska. Le Mie Prigioni is his own version .
Soul is present in Revolver, performed by Macola together with the ones from Enri ( a known Italian singer, present also at One Step Records) and in which we find out the story, full of irony, of a fantomatic latin lover. Uomini Liberi is a combination of reggae and.. tango, in which, along with Pepe Medri and two Redska members (Gelo and De Veggent ) talks about freedom, in all its forms. Resto Qui is an irony brought to those with a low life rhythm, which remain in day to day lameness.
This is on short note Rovente, a spiced album with everything from ska to swing and blues and reggae, an album full of optimism, a.. beautiful album.

also check out his website:

The Feet&Toes Project was born in Italy in 2007. Fetente is their first album’s name, which shall be released by One Step Records on the 1st October 2009. The album sound is a vintage one, remembering the 70s music, a style which the boys named ska-swing, a perfect combination of traditional ska and swing ans even reggae or doo-woop, in songs such as: Mio nonno era un ballerino di Charleston or Im falling in love. The band brings on themes like: antisemitism (Dirirro d’astensione ), war against terrorism ( Strana Gente), another one being love in Khatmandu or Knock out. There are of course rhythmed tracks, skansable, like A ritmo di ska or Plastika and an autoirony in The Feet&Toes. 15 tracks for dancing, full of optimism for the ska lovers.

l_a49b5f17042d4327aa1d473650493737thanks goes to: bands and Fra from One Step Records

also OSR bring the latest videoclip by Michelangelo Buonarroti


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