Toscana PunkRock Compilation

MPTY Zine support:

When it comes to punk, Italy has something to be proud about. Toscana is one of Italy’s most beautiful regions. Oh well, when it comes to punk subculture, it stands right. Toscana Punk Rock is the compilation which reunited the best bands of this subcultures in 2 cds. From punk-rock, street-punk, oi, pop-punk, rockabilly, hc-punk, ska-punk, this compilation has it all.
The bands come from cities like: Lucca, Pisa, Firenze, Siena or Livorno.
So, this compilation must not miss from your collection. 32 bands on 2 CDs.
The bands: The Eggs, Spina Nel fianco, DDR, The Brilli, Deviazione, Manovalanza, Sottattacco, PNC, Rum&Pear, Jo Condor, Punk Di Stelle, The Mushroom, The Rags, Bender The Offender, NVRAM, Punkistan, Indigo, 7 Years, Kill That Girl, Chromosomes, La Chenga Del Fil Di Ferro, Bom Pro, Strine, Acces Denied, STEM, NKDD, Red Rabbits, Senza Sterzo, From Emily Sky, Langolieri, Scarlet and The Spooky Spiders, The Headbangers, Disaster Tale

go and check
thanks to: Francesco and La Ghenga del fil di ferro



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