The Hostiles-Always Looking Forward
Hostiles is a Scottish ska-core band, formed in 2001.They’ve shared the scene with bands such as Catch 22, Leftover Crack, Beat Union, Strike Anywhere or The Toasters, just to count some of them. They like performing live ( and they also do it great ), got charisma, are catchy, skansant, perfect for Friday and Saturday parties. The boys released their first album Always Looking Forward and are ready to conquer the world. 10 ska and punk songs, full of irony, happy, serious. If you want to listen to quality 3rd wave ska, Hostiles are here to satisfy you. So, pick it up, pick it up
look up for band here:


TNS records proudly presents: MAINSTREAM MUSIC IS SHIT!
2 cd’s featuring 37 tracks of finest punk and ska from UK.
Bands: The Shadowcops, SOunds of Swami, Revenge of the psychotronic man, Rising Strike, D’Corner Bois, The Kirkz, The Emos, Dangerfields, The Dead Reckoning, The Hyperjax, The Great St. Louis, The Nova Fives, Acid Drop, Just Add Monsters, Fair Do’s, The Dangerous Aces, The Terrors, SmackRats, 2 Sick Monkeys, Harijan, Cartoon Violence, Stand Out Riot, John Player Specials, Jimmy the Squirrel, The Hostiles, The Hijacks, The Fractions, Sense of Urgency, A War Against Sound, Kickback UK, Faintest Idea, The Autonomads, Rasta4Eyes, Just Panic, Los Salvadores, Bootscraper, The Medicine Bow.

Also TNS brings out on paper number 6 of TNS Fanzine, 24 pages full of punk and ska. Interviews with: Just Add Monsters, The Emos, Autonomads, The Hostiles, Rising Strike, A War Against Sound, Sense Of Urgency, Smack Rats.Brings reviews from: The Autonomads, Anti Clockwise, The Bakesy’s, Rebelation, Rancid, Dik Guru vs. None Of Your Fuckin Business, Resolution 242, The Two Man Gentleman Bnad. If you want to make your own band, you’d better read what Em ( Bomb Ibiza Promotions) has to say in his article. Promos, reviews and other infos…gret job for Andy, Bev and TNS Crew.

TNS is a 100% DIY, fanzine, distro, radio and label for punk and ska bands from UK. Visit them on:

Thanks to Bev and Andy from TNS Records.


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