Automatica Agregazione-interviu

Am discutat cu Patato de la Automatica Agregazione despre muzica,planuri, fotbal si concerte. O sa ne viziteze la primavara alaturi de Towerblocks din Germania, la initiativa prietenilor de la No Bollox Just Oi. Enjoy!


MPTY ZINE: Hello guys, how are you?

Patato: we’re feeling fine , thank you a lot  for the interview

Congratulations for your double single, when should we be expecting the album ?

Thank you very much , really!Well , we approved the final mix a week ago , we got the final master in our hands. We are putting some idea for the graphics and considering the offers for the production(s)…we really hope and we’re sure the album will be out before the year’s end .It will name „Ancora noi…Ancora oi!” , 10 streetpunk ‘n’ oi! tracks with an additional intro
from a great Italian poet , not time yet for the name …. ha-ha!

For the ones who don’t know you, tell us how it all started.

We started in 2004 from the ashes of our former bands ( Divergenza , Iattapanc, Circo’n’chips),our lives were changing and so did our music. We made a load of demos , splits and no-crowd gigs before we recorded „Sabazia streetpunk” Cd .From then a lot of things changed,people seem to like  our sound, call us to play in a great number of italian cities , and a friend gave us the possibility to have a few gigs abroad ,and today here we are !

Tell me a little on the band’s message.

We got no message in particular .We want to tell everybody how our life goes on : we come from a little town 30 km from Rome ,
we live our existence of everyday work,problems ,few pint with the lads ,anger , laughs and pride . We’re not interested  putting politics in our music , in our life each one of us has his opinions ,not recognizable in any political wing as well .

The song „Ultras Life” is it an anthem for AS Roma?

Not in particular .ultras life is a song about all the real holigans in the world ,people spending their whole life
supporting their favourite team , home & away , sunny days and in the snow .this people , in our opinion , are not those  criminals the law and the press are talking about ,just streetkids and ordinary lads who want to answer to the fire with fire , people with their own rules and farewell who no one but the kids like them can understand…the song that spaeks about AS roma Ultras is FEDAYN , in honour of the greatest ultras firm of the club.

You’ll be coming to Romania in spring.I can’t wait to see you guys. What do you know about Romania?

HaHa! I know a lot of things of romania ! I work as Labourer and all my workmates are romanian .At lunchtime or during the works they tell me a lot of things of your country : the terrible Chaucescu tiranny ,the police brutality on the streets , your great family traditions ,punch-ups out of the discos  , stories of people robbing 20 chickens on 1 bike!hahah. I respect very much your country,in particular i admire your ancestors  pride  to resist under 2 fronts on 2nd world war. Of course the only words i can say is Pula and Curva !
We can’t wait to meet you in march !!

Which are the best Italian punk/oi bands?Tell me just 3 of them.

I’ll tell you just the bands active in the last 5 years .

Klasse Kriminale or Los Fastidios?

Klasse Kriminale all life long! they’re the history of the italian OI! Funny how we never played together in italy but one time in Sweden.Los fastidios were a good band…not too happy for the line they follow now but people who know them tells me they’re still good geezers ….

AS Roma or Livorno?

AS Roma ! no joking on that hahahahhaha!Forever in the heart Palmiro the guitarist is a FC INter supporter.Livorno has agood firm but we don’t agree in changing a football end in a political tribune … football is football, nothing else!

I’ve seen that you’ve got some external tours. Where was the best?

Not so many .We performed 3 times in Sweden .The best of the three i think it was a great festival in an old theatre called „MusikensHus”.Whith us there were Bombardiers from Bordeaux , Klasse Kriminale from Savona , Antipati from
Stockolm and Unit Lost .It was a great night ,great audience , a lot of fun everything printed on the photocamera we lost at the airport… bad luck.

DIY or label?

We like DIY but with some style and good quality .Labels like Contrapunk , Brandworm , Randale are not majors , but people spending their money and make growing the scene . Both of them we like , but fuCk off to the majors , they kill the music .

Tell me something on the punk/oi scene from Rome.

Not a unite scene for me .There’s good bands , Pinta Facile , Payback , GTA , Serial Drinkers , Gas attack , Plakkaggio HC
but everyone in rome seem to work , have gigs and parties only for his crew , isolating the others .
The same band playing in the same places with the same people .We don’t live in rome .We have our reality in province , many  good bands as GLi Ultimi , Bright Thought , Just a Billy ,
Tracina .We are a little reality growing, and we run a little label and fanzine called „Laida Provincia ”

Make up Italy’s football team out of punk/oi bands members.

Marco Balestrino ( Klasse ) defending the net .Roman defensive line : David  (Automatica ) , Lorenzo ( Pinta facile) ,Gargiulo ( Ennecibbi),Damiano (Payback). Middlefield :Eugenio (Bull Brigade) , Steno (Nabat) , i’Lao ( Basta) , Flavio ( Razzapparte ).
Frontline : Ricky & Betty ( Reazione). Coach : Tom Mccourt from Hoxton (ex 4 skins )

Where do you see yourselves in 5 years’ time?

A little bit older , a little more gigs and records , a little more memories .I hope we still run Automatica Aggregazione till we feel it’s time to stop .This band is one of the most reasons who keep us alive

A word for the ones in Romania and for MPTYZINE’s readers.

OI! mates !
We’re coming back to you on March 25 at the Fire Club opening for the Towerblocks , be there! We’ll have a great fun , support your punk scene and read great ‘zines like MPTY and No Bollox Just OI!.Cheers everyone!

Mircea vs. Automatica Agregazione

oct. 2009

contact the band


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