One Step Records presents: LE MANI SPORCHE


Le Mani Sporche-Radio Nuova Ska

One Step Records presents: Le Mani Sporche. The first Radio Nuova Ska album. Energy, optimism, vibration, this album has it all. A perfect combination between ska and punk or rock’n’roll. An album with 25 songs full of intensity and skansant rhytm. A new band that succesfully enters the One Step Records gallery. This is for Vallanzaska, Arpinoni, RSBO, Persiana Jones or Redska fans. The band became popular in Italy with the song „Mi piace volare” (the band’s hymn), a song full of energy that became OST for a RedBull spot. From ska to swing, rocksteady over to punk, that’s an album you must get! Feat. Steve Selecter and Dava!
more infos about band :  or buy the album from OSR store here :

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