TNS Records and Distro NEWS-2009

MPTY ZINE support for Romania
TNS Records and distro present the latest number of the free fanzine, issue number 7. As usual, the boys always bring great bands to the attention of those who are interested in ska or punk. Brings along interviews with bands such as: Stupids, Jimmy the Squirrel, Cartoon Violence, Em (Bomb Ibiza ska bar). Also, this issue comes along with reviews for AFS, NOXF, Zapian, Converge, Paint it Black, Bowling for Soup or the Lights Go Out fanzine. Articles and promos which are enough for the ska and punk lovers. So, don’t miss the latest issed of TNS (may be donwloaded in PDF version from their myspace:

Sense of Urgency / Stand out Riot/ A war against sound

TNS Records and Distro prezent the SPLIT EP of the year in what concers skacore. A strong and vibrant sound, a mouth of fresh air in ska/punk. Sense of Urgency are a combination of kid dinamyte and link80, a strong skacore sound, positive, full of energy, Stand Out Riot bring their ska with gypsy and folk influences, plus a combination of punk and a little hardcore, adding the social issues to their lyrics, which make this Manchester band to be one of the most promising, worth to listen to if you like Streetlight Manifesto or Mighty Mighty Bosstones.

A war against sound are a hybrid between rapidity and technique, influeced by hardcore and dub, punk or reggae, carefully combined in an unique way, which will for sure bring down your walls and with make a real riot in your grandma’s house

KickBack UK – Persevering With Positivity

Kickback UK are a british band (doh !) who perform melodic punk/ska, fast and funny at the same time, formed somewhere in 2006. A combination between less than jake, good clear fun, strike anywhere. The boys like performing and they do it really great, so if you have the chance, don’t miss them. 7 tracks on a  green cd, with a funny funny rhyno.. but they’re worth it. An album which deserves to listen to in any evening, on which skacore is at your discretion.
more infos:

thanks to Bev and Andy and TNS crew.

cheers guys!

check out STAND OUT RIOT video

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