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Mano De Dios

12 tracks – 4 100 % punk bands from italy, Spain, Argentina: No Relax, 2 minutos, FFD, La ghenga del fil di ferro!

2 Minutos – Valentin Alsina (Argentina)

They come from Argentina and they are the grand-daddies of the punk scene over there, formed in 1987. What I can tell you about them is that they have 9 albums and millions of concerts everywhere, though they haven’t lost their energy and fury. Punk-rock as it should be: quick, furious and with attitude. They are the first Argentinian punk band who performed in The US in 1995. They are also known for the fact that they have been opening act for Ramones in Buenos Aires.

FFD – Parma (Italy)

They come from Italy, gathered up in 1992, held over 800 concerts, shared the stage with bands such as Los Fastidios, Derozer, Nabat, Punkreas, Shandon, KLasse Kriminale, Angelic Upstarts, US BOMBS. Kuore Ribelle, their latest album, brought collaborations with names as Banda Bassotti, Joxemy (Ska-p), Micky ( No Relax ), dj aladin, dr guache, Their sound brings forth memories of 1990’s punk bands.

No relax – Navarra (Spain)

They were formed in 2003, at Joxemy’s initiative (Ska-p) and Micky ( Bambole di pezza), They have released 3 albums, a tour in Europe and 2 in Latin America. They have recently released a videoclip for 1522 ( against domestic violence). Aggressive, energetic for the Ska-p,The Locos fans.

La ghenga del fil di ferro – Lucca (Italy)

Formed in 2004, 5 years of attitude, tours with bands as Los Fastidios, Linea, FFD, Red Union or the Unseen. Their sound is 100 % punkrock, quick, furious and with a handful of attitude.


2 Minutos – Pandora Box
2 Minutos – Romapan todo
2 Minutos – 2Minutos
FFD – Cheap songs for broken hearts
FFD – Rock’n’roll alla radio
FFD – I’m Junk
No Relax – 1522
No Relax – Indomabile
No Relax – Immagine Perfetta
La Ghenga Del Fil Di Ferro – Chi6
La Ghenga Del Fil Di Ferro – Incatenato
La Ghenga Del Fil Di Ferro – In tele andra

Thanks to Francesco Giuli and Toscana Punk Rock Crew!


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