Switchblade Cheetah

MPTY ZINE presents for Romania

Forget about all the bands you have listened to lately, CHAOS is the main word when it comes to Switchblade Cheetah. They come from Florida, and no, they don’t sing about beaches and groovy girls. A weird mix, but very nice in the same time punk, hardcore, hate and hate again and trash. Very fast, skulls, violence among with Brian Pitt’s voice make Switchblade Cheetah a band which has not yet signed a contract with mtv.
The band comes with the 2 CDs, one from 2007 and one from last year, The bone gospel ( 2007 ) and Trash Suckin High Heeled Scum (2009)
So, forget about sunny florida and the chicks. here are some boys who put soul into it an deserve to be listened to.
hate, frustration, anger, crazyness, all combined into punk n trash!
only for soft years
more about them :www.switchbladecheetah.com

thanks to Brian and Swithblade Cheetah!



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