Interviu: Switchblade Cheetah


They play fast, they don’t sing about girls and they hate Tracy!. You don’t see them on MTV cause MTV is out of air. 1,2,3…GOOO!

MPTY ZINE:Sup Brian! For start, please tell me few words about Switchblade Cheetah… how did everything start?

Brian:Well, Gregory Lee and I had a band called Peppermint which was a Pop Cocaine Glam Rock Sugar Nose kind of a band. A real Candyland Dandy time band if you will. We Put out two e.p’s, which are long out of print. The e.p.’s were the Quiet On The Westside e.p. and The Peppermint Show e.p.
We also put out a full length album called 12 Hits From Hell. We played and played in Tallahassee and gained a pretty devoted following. However, as time went on we realized that most of the kids that came to our shows and were involved in that scene were nothing but flavor of the week fashion cunts who couldn’t tell the difference between Dee Dee Ramone and Sunny D. They only came to the shows because that’s where the kids were, not because they dug our sound. We continued playing and recording but the harder our sound got, the more our bassist turned into a pussy. His name is Kyle Raker and he is a scenester pussy cunt. As were many of the people that came to see us. So we got fed up. Plain and simple, and we decided to end Peppermint. We knew that any band we started would draw a crowd so we decided that it was time to show these kids around here that Rock N’ Roll isn’t about fashion or who you know, it’s about hatred, violence, and bloodshed. From our hatred of our surroundings is were Switchblade Cheetah was born. We were created to put a hurtin’ on pop music and show people that the blood was back.

Correct me if i’m wrong, but i know you have 2 albums… Is there anything new to come out?

Yeah, we have two full lengths. THE BONE GOSPEL and the new one TRASH SUCKIN’ HIGH HEELED SCUM. We also put out the GUNS.MONEY.BULLETS.SKULLS e.p. and some other ones including THE GUN, THE SWORD, AND THE ARM OF THE LORD, which are now out of print. The two full length albums are still available though, you can email us through and I will send anybody a copy. We will be working on some new stuff soon which promises to be our rawest, most dog fuckin’, piss suckin’ batch of crust yet. Some of the tracks will be BoneBox, Trash Suckin’ Bar Room Boys, Motorbikin’ Through Soho, and The Prometheus Complex. It’s going to be super unproduced raw garbage trash. It will be amazing. Possibly the rawest Rock N’ Roll album of the last 15 years.

How’s weather in Florida?

Florida weather is hot, wet, and stinky. Like a garbage dump.

Have you ever played at Daytona Beach?

We played Daytona Beach with our buddy Dan Cortez a long time ago for a workout video he was  filming. We got to be the backing band. It was called Doin’ it dirty with Dan.

When will you show up on MTV?

We will probably never end up on MTV because mainstream media is controlled by the Illuminati and is a tool of the New World Order which I am very much against.

Ok, let’s be serious now. Your agenda for 2010?

My agenda for 2010 is to record the most vile heaping puddle of spew that has ever been laid to tape. Also, to land on some more horror movie soundtracks and to continue being a functional alcoholic.

How are things going with Goat Fi Records?

Things are going great with Goat-Fi. We got something coming out this year by our leader Brother Bediah Lakes. A spoken word piece. Some solo Gregory Lee stuff, and hopefully some new tunes from our friends The Piss Boys. I will be sure to send you copies of all the new Goat-Fi releases when they come out.

How did the crisis affect you?

The only crisis that affected me was when I was short a few pennies on my boozin’ and druggin’ money.

I know you are in the tattoo area..Do you have your own tattoo studio or you DIY?

It’s a shop called Circle Of The Goat. It’s a Goat-Fi Facility in the Blue Grounds (Sector 9) We got Eddie Deklep, Tuscon Dan, and Big Stiv running things there. We can do it all and we will do it all. Anything you want us to tattoo, lay down the cash and we will tattoo the shit out of it.

Which bands were an influence for Switchblade Cheetah?

Bomber, Domestic Dispute, Roky Erickson, Samhain, GG Allin, Horror movie soundtracks, Danzig, Germs. Tons of Stuff. Lords of The New Church. Demize. Most of all our own self love and hate of all things good and moral. Oh, and the 13th Floor Elevators of course. And Van Morrison.

If you’d be isolated on an island , what would be the most important things to have?

Hmm…a copy of Behold, A Pale Horse by William Cooper. A copy of The Learning Bible. Jugs and jugs of my sweet wine, for the drinking times. Some spears to hunt the fishes with. Shoes. A TV. A VCR, and a copy of Anthropophagus-the beast, and the Twin peaks Box Set. And a wet sock for the sex times.

Who’s Tracy in the song?an ex girl?

Traci was a girl that I shot to the floor but who cares now, she ain’t here no more.

Tell me about the punk scene in Florida.

Well, you got alot of bands that do what their friends do and only like what their friends like, so if you wanna call that a scene then sure, call it that, but as far as us, we are part of no scene. We are individuals and we don’t believe in gang mentality. We do not blindly follow the herd like alot of the other people here do.

Have you ever heard about Romania? Did you know that here is the biggest community of vampires and werewolves?

I have alot of books on Vampyric legend and Lycanthrope folklore so I am somewhat aware of the full history that Romaina has. I would love to visit someday and take in some true scenery. I love places that have true history. And Romania definitley has alot of good history.

Few words for Mptyzine and Romania (btw, this edition has 10.000 copies hahaha)

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the awesome support and for taking the time to show some interest in what we are doing. It really touched me that someone across the sea actually digs our music and I am stoked that you actually wanted to interview me! I hope that you continue to enjoy our albums and if your readers want any copies, autographs, ANYTHING, all they need to do is email me though telling me what they want and I will gladly send it to them. Thanks again and thanks for being a true Rock N’ Roller! hope to meet you in the flesh someday!
Long Live MPTY ZINE!

Thanks to Brian Pitt and Switchblade Cheetah!

more infos about them in NEW NUMBER of MPTY ZINE coming out: end of february!


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  1. 10 mii doar? :))No Bollox Just Oi! #3 va fi publicat in 10 mii unu de exemplare pentru fiecare editie in lb engleza, romana, franceza, spaniola, rusa, germana 😛 Suntem in tratative sa scoatem o editie speciala in Braille :))

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