They play ska-trash are from UK and have a crazy EP. Please welcome: BEAT THE RED LIGHT!

MPTY ZINE:Hey Pook. What are you doing?

Pook:I am currently sitting in my sitting room answering you lovely questions!

Congratulations for your ep released by Beat The Red Light to TNS. Are you happy with what came out?

Oh yeah absolutely. We recorded the e.p in 3 days at an awesome studio in Corby called Premier Studio’s run by the Jedi master who is also known as Ian Wetherall. That is nearly two years ago. If someone had told me with our first recording we’d have sold out the original 200 copies, and then have a rerelease of it with a decent label with distribution I wouldnt have believed them!! The response of this recording has been absolutely overwhelming for me! I feel like we’ve achieved more than I could have dreamt!

Do you prepare any album with BTRL? With concerts as stand?

We are in the middle of writing an album and hopefully a tour once this has been released. Its definately a lot heavier than the E.P. This album is also a lot more of a joint effort in writing the songs. With the self titled e.p I pretty much wrote the whole entire track apart from one and everyone else put their own little mark on it. So yeah this new album is more of a collective effort and 8 heads are better than 1!!

I know that you are drummer in the band Rooftops, what else are you?

Yeah thats quite a new band, Rooftops have also nearly finished an e.p too, we play kinda Hot Water Music meets Samiam and Smoke or Fire. Erm G who plays bass in Beat The Red Light and Eddie who plays Sax and I are in a hardcore punk band called TV Party very fast and very hard. We dont really gig that much but we do shows every now and then, depending on when, where and more importantly who we are playing with. A lot of us are in different bands to be honest. Eddie is in a garage/punk band called the Shitty Limits who are doing really well! They’re ace, well worth checking out. Lovely dudes too. G drums in the meenies, they’re a punk n roll/garage band as well as Killer B Movie who play horror punk.  So yeah we like to keep our fingers in a lot of different pies…
Which are the bands that you’re listening? do me a top 5

Oh Jesus 5?!!! thats not a lot, right to be honest I go through phases, Right, bands to check out.

1: The Flaming Tsunamis: I think this is an obvious choice when you hear them! We did one gig with them and it was amazing! sadly they’re splitting up soon! 😦 They mix Jazz, hardcore, Ska, Funk and Metal!! Check them out!!
2: Graf Orlock: They’re sooooo good!!! Cinema based grind core, really fast really hard!
3: The Blue Meanies: Jazz/Ska/punk core!! the most technical but amazing horn lines!!
4: See You Next tuesday: Kick arse grind core! The begining of their second album „intervals” has the most evil introduction Ive ever heard!
5: Led Bib: Really heavy Jazz, this shit is not for the faint hearted!!

Which is your favorite character from ninja Turtles?

Right you really have been stalking me!!! Turtles kick arse!! So much arse!! The frist film is my favourite film ever!! Leonardo was my favourite when I was younger as he was the leader and had a blue head band, but I cant choose one out of the four, why are you doing this to me. Its like asking a parent which is their favourite child! All of them rule!!

Ska or thrash?

Depends on which band, I hate really cheesy ska like lets get our multi coloured shirts on and Skank!!! PICK IT UP!!!! it really annoys me now! Im also not a big two tone fan, apart from the specials. Playing music wise definately ska, Thrash is amazing though, fast, hard and fun!

Tell me a bit about London’s underground: There are some amazing bands out there!!

Greg from Rooftops runs an awesome Punk all dayer called Punk N Bowl which goes on every 6 months! Punk and Bowling, what more could you want? In general its very much a unity thing, everyone knows everyone and everybody goes to everybodies shows and everybody will do anything to help each other out. After all we all want the same thing!

Why do you think  Ninja Turtles eat pizza all day?

You know what that is a good point! How can you be that strong, leap around doing back flips, high kicks when all you eat is Domino’s pizza? You have to admitt, they do taste really good though!!

As being in BTRL with what ska band you may want to sing?

Well we’ve played 2 shows with Voodoo Glows skulls and they’re definately one of my all time favourite bands, and that was amazing!!! Erm, Id like to do some shows with the flaming tsunamis again,  Ska bands the Blue Meanies, Big D and The Kids Table, Hot Stove Jimmy, I would also really like to play with some proper hardcore/Death/Grind metal bands ranging from Cannibal Corpse, See you Next Tuesday, to Bad Brains, Graf Orlock and Gwar!

Do you know something about Romania?

Sadly I dont really know much of the scene in Romania but if you know of any ace bands!! Would love to come and do some shows there!

A message to readers MPTY ZINE?

Thank you sooo much for reading this, check out and to hear the whole e.p do a search for us on last fm!
Thank you sooo much!!! Thrashing before Fashion!!!

Thanks to Bev and Andy from TNS and Pook from BTRL!


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