F.U.G. vs Soviet Nuns split vinyl

MPTY ZINE presents for Romania:

Grab your pick-ups from wherever and listen to some good music, for fine ears. FUG and Soviet Nuns planned a split album of 12 which shall amaze you. A combination of 80s punk with some fastcore which shall remind you of DRI, SOD, Youth Brigade, Circle Jerks, Black Flag, Molotov Cocktail, Minor Threat ( and so on and so forth ). The two bands from Palermo ( Italy ) break the actual clichés of HC with their ultrafast and ultra sarcastic songs ( even the well-known character Marty McFly is present in the lyrics ). If you read carefully the lyrics you shall see their philosophy of life: irony as much as it can be and “have fun”. I was dazed by this split and I can declare myself fan of these two bands so get up and listen, it won’t be lost time ( just 22 minutes the entire split album ). Old school HC like back in the times. FUG have 8 printer songs, with even a cover after Adolescents, Word Attack and Soviet Nuns with 10 tracks, from the beginning and to the end just rapid moments, not even a glimpse of blues times. If you are bored of catchy tunes, MTV, of the clichés under which HC is now sold and you want something fast, listen to them !

Also the 12` has a great artwork cover by: Marco Failla .

Do you know what I think of you?
You are an unbelievable jerk!  (F.U.G. – you’re a jerk)


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