Interview: F.U.G. (Palermo old school HC)

YOU’RE A JERKKKKKKKKK! lads please welcome: F.U.G. some old school hc mother fuckers from Palermo! more infos about them you can read also on no. 12 of MPTYZINE coming up soon! stay true!

MPTYZINE:Hey guys ! Tell me about how this all FUG thing started.

GI: FUG who??

GZ: We started in summer 1999 playing old school hardcore influenced by early 7 Seconds, and we’re still playing old school hardcore with some other good old school influences. We released two 7″, a full leght CD and a brand new 12″ split.

You’ve got a new split with Soviet Nuns which is distributed by tons of idependent labels.Are you satisfied with the result?

GZ: We managed all by ourselves, and we had some problems with the factory, lots of delays, wrong pressing of the covers (so we had to repress them all), a lot of money lost. But once your record is out, and you have in your hands that 180 gr piece of vinyl with the drawing of your favourite cartoonist on the cover, and your production mates are happy and enthusiastic even if they waited for six months more than expected… well, I think you could say to be satisfied even if you’re going bankrupt.

EQ: We aim to 30 labels for our next production.

What’s gonna happen to the world in 10 years’ time, have you got any predictions like in ‘In Ten Years’?

GI: In 10 years we’ll be 10 years older, but we hope we’ll still have hairs.

How is the Palermo punk/hc scene, I’ve noticed there are some bands over there and that you’ve got quite a thing going on.

GZ: The scene in Palermo has some recurring cycles with phases of stagnation and periods of peak. It took a peak in 2007 when a compilation of local bands was made (it’s called „I don’t wanna hear it!”, free downloadable from a website that doesn’t exist anymore – but you can still download it from and it featured 16 bands all from Palermo – and there were some others not featured; then most of the bands split, but others were born. Nowadays there’s some stagnation but some bands are working hard and having good resonance and spread, e.g. Shock Troopers, The Limit, Elopram, Go Back Home…

We’ve got in Romania a festival like San Remo, ever considered playing there?

GI: Where are we sending the promo?

EQ: Please give us the address

GZ: But are untalented members of ancient royal families allowed to take part to your festival as to San Remo?

When I was little I used to watch Italian TV programs. I’ve got a curiosity of my own. Are there in Italy italia1, rete4, canale 5?

FUG: Did you watch them seriously? You probably haven’t grown up very well. Have you ever seen a good psychiatrist?

If you were to choose a song from the album to make Berlusconi a dedication, which one would it be ?

FUG: Who is Berlusconi? The bald guy from Mediaset?

Would you make a duet with Eros Ramazotti ?

FUG: No, we like Albano Carrisi only

I’ve noticed that you haven’t got so many concerts, why is this ?

GI: Try to come here in Sicily and you’ll find out

GZ: There aren’t so many places here to play in, and people have always hated us.

Plans for 2010 ? Planning a new album ?

EQ: We’d like to go touring around Europe, promoting the split and having some fun.

GI: If we planned something we’d not tell to you.

GZ: We have a bunch of new songs, sooner or later we’ll release something new, but probably not this year.

Tell me 3 old school bands and 3 new ones which are worth to be listened to.

[Old ones]

GI: Angry Samoans; EQ: Descendents; GZ: Dead Kennedys

[New ones]

GI: Brutal Knights; EQ: Pricks; GZ: Anti-You

What’s the first thing that comes to your minds when you hear about Romania ?

GI: Dorin Goian, central defender in Palermo football team

EQ: A strange beverage with some pernicious chemical whose name I can’t remember

GZ: Vlad Tepes

A word for the ones who read us.

GI: Is who read this interview able to read?

Thanks for your time and I hope to see you in Romania sometime. If you want to add something please do so

FUG: So long, and thanks for all the fish.

PS:GI is for Giugi,EQ is for Ecumenicus, GZ is for Giacomazzi and MPTYZINE is More Punk Than You

Mircea vs. FUG – march 2010


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