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Cheap Sex – Dead Today, five years of Cheap Sex

Cheap Sex was formed back in 2002 in San Diego, California. Shortly afterwarrds they signed a contract with Punk Core Records and got to work, their first 5 track demo being released in the same year, while in 2003 they’ve launched their firsr album, Launch of the War. In 2004, Headed for a Breakdown follows up and in 2006 Written in Blood.

Taang Records brings on the band’s DVD: „Dead Today, five years of Cheap Sex”. As a matter of fact, it’s a double DVD, the first part being their story told by the ones present, some ‘rare’ interviews, as well as a photo gallery. The second part is made out of 4 tracks which were not included on any album: hot topic, no survivors ( gbh cover), bomber ( motorhead cover ) and nothing (negative approach cover ).

The band shared the stage with The Casualties, Virus ( Mike’s ex band ), Lower Class Brats or Defiance.

Part Time Christians

The Part Time Christians are a well known hc/punk band from California. Influenced by Dead Kennedys, the band was formed in the beginning of the 80s and became one o the best from East Bay. Rock and Roll is Disco is something like a best of the band, with tracks from older demos, dating back from 1983, 1989 and a 2008 live EP. They’ve shared the stage with names such as: Social Distortion, Dead Kennedys, Suicidal Tendencies, Butthole Surfers or TSOL. After so many years, tghe guys are still mad and they say it out loud in 21 tracks for your fine ears.

Personal i like tracks like Bionic Cop and One Dead Bee. It’s 9 plus from me.

Attitude Adjustment

Attitude Adjustment is on the the Bay Area (CA) old school bands, gathered up somewhere around 1983 and is one of the most appreciated hardcore/thrash bands from Califronia. The Collection is their new material under Taang Records label. As a matter of fact, this CD is something like a best of from three older band materials: American Paranoia, No More mr Nice Guy and Out of Hand. It has 41 tracks ( don’t be scared, the full length playing time is about maximum of 30 minutes ) in a violent thrash, hardcore and punk mix, something which is not for the White Stripes fan nor for the highschool geeks. It’s a best of that you musn’t miss and most of all, which must be listened to with your friends, because this is what the boys play about: friendship, unity and respect. The sound is a hard, old school one which reminds you of bands such as Discharge, Anti Cimex, MDC, DRI, Minor Threat, Black Flag, Suicidal Tendencies, Verbal Abuse and the list can go on. After a long period in which the boys have seen their families and have traveled, it’s time they hit the road again with the band and we hope they’ll bring something new along. High class HC/Thrash. So if you are a punk/trash/hc kid you should check these guys cause if you don’t you suck!

Personal favorites: Rambo, Grey World, Dope Friend

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  1. I feel bad for these guys if they are on Taang Records. They will receive very little, if any, money at all for their hard work. Taang just sells the music and keeps the money. If you steal peanuts, nobody is going to fight you for it. This guy steals the peanuts from struggling musicians. He owns a multi-million dollar home on Mission Beach while these poor musicians work there ass off for him.

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