La Ghenga del fil di fero – Telestroika


Toscana Punk Rock presents the new release of La Ghenga Del Fil Di Ferro – Telestroika.
La Ghenga Del Fil Di Ferro hail from Lucca (Italy) and are one of the bands that started the punk community in Toscana. The album can be considered the product of over 5 (good and bad) years of work, and it is an album that speaks very directly about touchy subjects, although they are not one of the most „hardcore” bands, and they don’t have lyrics that incite to raising your fists in the air.
Personally, I am an amateur of Italian punk; this album impresses you in a good way, from when you first listen to it. The message is strongly directed against mass-media, against politicians, against liars, against racism and against corruption. Influenced by bands such as FFD, Los Fastidios, Linea or The Unseen, the band has developed an original style, a melodic punk-rock with attitude. The album has 11 original tracks and a (very nice) cover version of You’ll Never Walk Alone, a video for the song Ricardo E and a mad artwork (Skill Hands). It is available on CD or Vinyl.
I would rate them 9+ out of 10. Recommended songs: Abuso di Potere and New Drugs. It is worth listening, and we recommend it!

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