Gogol Bordello-Trans Continental Hustle 2010

MPTY ZINE recomanda:

After they enchanted us with Super Taranta,the gypsy-punk masters are coming back in 2010 with a brand new material, still under the trademark of Side One Dummy on his name Trans Continental Hustle. The first extract from the single is called Pala Tute and has already become known because of the fact that it’s being broadcasted on several radios. The fifth album doesn’t actually bring anyhting new to the band’s style, and really, what more could it bring, they have it all: from punk, to ska, to reggae, to metal and a loooot of sounds. If we keep in mind the originality of every member, it’s no wonder where this cocktail of genres comes from. The album has everything needed to disturb the neighbours, all the elementes for a dancing night. They stared the promotion tour, they are going to arrive again in Europe and if we are lucky maybe we will see them again at work in Romania.
Trans Continental Hustle remains an energetic record, multi ethnic, gypsy to the bones, which deserves to be listened. If you are not familiar with the band, then start by listening them on the internet and you will be convinced.
The record starts in force and it ends in the same manner, the only exception being a single calm track on the album, The Sun Is On My Side. The most dashing song on the album remains Imigraniada (We’re coming rougher), the classic Gogol trademark example, with punk at its strongest.
Regarding the lyrics on this album, we get a „Tower of Babel”, an universal language, a very strange cocktail of languages.
Accordion, drums, guitars, mandolins, trumpets and a looot of insanity.


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