SFOS – Already Dead

MPTY ZINE presents for Romania:

SFOS-Already Dead – 40 Hour Death Records 2009

You are a fuckin rat in rat race.This is the motto of the SFOS guys.
SFOS or Slow Form Of Suicide after their formal ID are a band who was formed in 2008 in Chicago (Ilinois).
Their first album name is „Already Dead” and it has been released by 40 Hour Death Records.
Thier style is a pretty good mixture of thrash.punk and hardcore which reminds of the old school bands : fast, with attitude and yes,again,fast!
The album has 8 song (short, veryyy short and angry) which won`t let you breathe , you will not be able to rest at all and you won`t dance tango on them.
You would better shut the doors so you won`t find yourself with them in your houses because it`s not a good thing.
the main element of this album is the chaos, short and fast songs that will make you kill your boss.
It is not recommended to listen to it at your work place, unpleasant signs of violence might appear toward the people arround you.
For the fans of: Leftover Crack, DRI, MDC, Rancid, Against All Authority.
About them I can also tell you that they have been on 2 tours in the USA and that they are preparing a third one. If you have seen them call the police.
in their spare time they do what they know best: chaos!. Angry, fast, loud and thrashy kids!

You got to keep movin don’t be afraid YOU ARE ALREADY DEAD!

you can listen the guys here


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