Canta ska-punk cu multe influente, vin din Kingston (Bulgaria nu Jamaica), fac un show superb si cu siguranta l-ar vota pe Hristo Stoicicov ca presedinte (ca sa vedeti cat de mult ii intereseaza politica)…din tara castravetilor: LA MUCHEDUMBRE

MPTY ZINE: Hey guys, how’s time in Kingston-Bulgaria?

Rosti: Sunny and very hot, but all the Bulgarian kingstonons are white now haha. It is time for drinking at the parks 😀

For those who don’t know you, tell us something about you.

Ivan: well, we are ska-punk band from Sofia. We start this band in 2005 and take experienced too fast because everybody of us was played in other bands before that . as you know in Bulgaria has not so many ska punk bands like Romania. Our style is not exactly ska-punk because we have reggae tunes and swing and blues elements and also hardcore. However we like to mix some style of music.

You’ve just rapped up your tour. Where did you feel the best?

Ivan: With one voice we tell-Romania. The Romanian fans are really nice and crazy. They even didn’t know our song but danced all the time , made a pogo…really , really nice. We really enjoyed the fans in Romania.

Rosti: And the promoters gave really the best of theirs to make the shows, so lots of thanks to Paul, Casian and Tavi…and of course to you for the help in Timisoara.

What Romanian towns made you feel at your best?

Ivan: Every town had his own magnetism. Maybe Cluj.

Rosti: The crowd in Cluj was the craziest we have ever seen at a ska show!

How are things going for your new album?I know you’ve got something going on.

Ivan: we have material and songs for maybe 2 albums , but as you know the main reason is the money. It is not so cheap to record album, especially if you are not famous band. If you are well-known band and people know about you they will buy your music. We hope that we will find out someone who will support up to record our new songs

What do you think about the Dance Trauma boys ?

Rosti: It is really great band, I know them from a few years but on live they were really better. And the singer was really interesting on stage 😀
Of course tons of thanx to the bass player guy (sorry but i cant remember now the name) (n.r. Mishu is his name) for taking us at his place.

Now that you’ve come to Romania, did you like those you have came into contact with ? How was your public ?

Rosti: As we told in the previous questions the public was crazy. Also we realized that almost everyone loves Rancid haha. And after every show there were nice people to drink and talk with.

Did any girl strip for you at the concert?

Ivan: Hahahah. you should ask our singer.

Hristo Stoiciov or Hagi ?

Ivan: Hristo Forever-president.hahahaha.

Do you like pickles?

Ivan: Yes. Even I have a big jar of pickles in my fridge. My family every year make this and we eat all winter . if you want I can send you to taste it .

Do you get along with Wickeda ?

Rosti: Not so often. We know each other personally, but they, like us, are people with work and familys and have no time for getting along with us.

Tell me a few words about the Bulgarian ska bands

Ivan: Hm . there are only 3-4 ska bands here , but all of them are good. The most popular is Wikeda.

Tell me three best ska bands worldwide-

Rosti: haha we are more in the punk 😀

If you were stranded on an island, what would be the 3 things that you would take along.

Ivan: Guitar and Mp3 player, mobile phone to call a prostitute when we need of and books.

Thanks for your time guys, and if you have anything to add, feel free to do so.

we will back very soon to crash you” Noroc.

Mircea vs. La Muchedumbre – may 2010


all the pics:

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