I-am prins pe baietii de la Soberphobia intre reprize de baut, acest interviu trebuia finalizat undeva la inceputul lui mai…dar uite ca il postez acum. Canta streetpunk/oi, vin din Grecia, sunt fani Souvlaki si Zorba grecul, sunt working class and proud si…restul cititi voi. OI!

MPTY ZINE: Hey guys, how’s it going ? How’s Greece, starting a war?

Hi there!the situation is pretty fucked up here, cigarettes and alcohol prices have become huge so definately we get ready for war!

Where did you guys get this name from ?

Our godfathers are peter and the test tube babies, they gave us the answer when we were wondering what is wrong with us.
You’ve released your album 101 % Local and put in online for free. Didn’t you guys ever consider that you could get rich ?

We ‘re already rich so that ‘s not a problem! just kidding, haha! but we had to take in mind the amount of alcohol you need to
listen to it, so it ‘s not cheap already!
Who’s the girl from A Taxi ?

Sorry but Dima promised to keep her identity secret in order to get her in the taxi.
Tell me something about your concerts, tours.. I’ve seen that you’ve performed with many known bands, but now’s not the time for playing..
why so ?

The gigs are the number one reason for forming the band in the first place. we had great times playing with bands like On File, Evil Conduct,
Agitators, Stomper 98, Volxsturm, Peter and the Test Tube Babies, Madball, Stomper 98, and the cream of greek punk/oi scene. We don ‘t remember
much though, but  we ‘ve heard it was great! A great moment for us was to play in the concrete jungle fest in England, but we don ‘t realy remember it
because we started drinking in the airplane and stopped one week after. We didn ‘t play for the last year because Jorje had to serve the greek army, but
now we are ready for more chaos and drunkness.
You’ve got lots of influences, bands which have influenced you in one way or another, name 3 of them.

It has to be Hard Skin, Blood for Blood and Cockney Rejects. Just kidding…it ‘s definately Boney M, Mc Hammer and Scorpions.

Do you like souvlaki ?

if you think souvlaki is good you should try kokoretsi and kontosouvli…
Would you have enjoyed being on the soundtrack of Zorba the Greek?

We don ‘t like our music to be in movies without naked girls, alcohol and fights.
Working class and drinkink, I’ve noticed these are two terms you used frequently in your songs.. are they any inspiration for you?

Work is the curse of the drinking class. That ‘s all there is to say about that.

Have you ever been to Romania? What do you know about us?

Never been to Romania, but we know Dracula, Nadia Comaneci and Gheorghe Hagi. But we ‘d like you to tell us about good romanian beers and bands.
Tell me a little about the punk/oi scene in Greece.

Greece had a big punk scene back from the 80s, and the last years the oi/streetpunk scene is getting stronger and stronger with new bands coming up.
Check some of them:
Thanks a lot for the interview and if you have anything to add, i yield you the word.

Thanks for the interview Mircea, hope to meet you somewhere and drink together! Cheers to the romanian scene!
And always remember that you have taken more out of alcohol than alcohol has taken out of you.

Mircea vs Soberphobia june 2010

thanks to Soberphobia!


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